Pishachini 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rocky and Pavitra resolve to save Sanchit

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The Episode starts with Rani telling that Pavitra thinking of herself smarter than her. She says I will smile at your mourning. She removes the grass and sees the green light. She says you will make me more powerful than Maha Pishachini, and I am waiting for you eagerly. She looks at the green ball in the grass, and says my baby is about to come. Courier guy comes to Rajput house and asks him to sign as the courier came for Shikha, says he has to come out to take the big parcel. Sapna, her husband and others are surprised. They come out and ask the courier guy what is inside the big house. The courier guy says it is very heavy. Everyone tell that they shall open and see. Rocky takes off the ribbon and the box starts shaking. Pavitra asks Rocky to stand back. A guy comes out, holding the teddy. Shikha calls him Veer and comes out. Pavitra asks why he came as gift wrapped. He says he fell down in the box while packing the gift. They call him professor. He says he became professor at a young age. They all go inside the house. Veer stops on the way. Shikha asks him to come inside. Sapna and Bubbly also ask him to come inside. He steps inside after hearing their invitation three times.

Pavitra gets doubtful and thinks that Pishach needs invitation three times. Later she tells Rocky that Pishach or any strange thing wait before entering home and wait for invitation three times. Rocky says Veer is a shy person and was just staring at the tea cup, while we all finished it, as if he was feeling shy to drink. Pavitra says don’t know. Rocky says you have doubtful mind and says you doubted on me too. He says Shikha di loves Veer and we shall help her, and shall worry about Sanchit. He says we shall free him from Rani’s clutches. She says Vidya received Nashak’s email, how to free humans from Pishach’s effect. Veer comes out of his room, as he has been staying there. He says he likes the house and her too. Shikha asks him to come and play games with them on Diwali. He says he will bring his phone from his room. He looks down from the balcony and thinks I will play the game, else how will I do my hunt, my prey is here. His eyes turn blue and then becomes normal.

Pavitra tells that she has thought about the game and tells about it. Sapna says they have work. Rani thinks she is behaving childishly. Rocky ties blindfold to Pavitra’s eyes and everyone start running so that they don’t get caught. Pavitra touches Veer and feels shock. Veer also feels the same. Rani thinks he is Veer, a human. They ask him to sing a song. He sings in a rough voice. They clap. Vidya takes out a chit and takes Rani’s name, but it is actually Sapna’s name. Rani is blindfolded and tries to catch the family members. Rani thinks where did everyone go? Rocky asks Sanchit to come. Sanchit says Rani. Rocky says to help Rani. He takes him to temple. Rani tries to go inside the temple and feels the jerk and falls. Rocky takes Sanchit outside. Pavitra asks Vidya to distract Rani and goes out.

Rani and Pavitra dance with Rocky on the song Ram Chahe leela and wish the viewers Happy Diwali.

Precap: Rani tells that she has controlled Sanchit using a ring. Pavitra shows the ring and asks if this is the ring. Rani is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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