Pishachini 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Vidya finds about Dada, Pratik and Amrita

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Scene 1
Pishachini is angry. Many people fall on earth from the sky. Amrita and Pratik’s hands turn black. Pratik says what is happening? Pishachini says Devi is coming on the planet for 9 days. The witches become weak at this time. We have to hide. I won’t hide. I have to become Maha Pishachini till Dasherha or I will have to wait for 200 years. dadu says but that’s not possible. Rocky is married to Pavitra now. she says I don’t know how. I can’t let this go. I will become Maha Pishachini. I will mix my blood with the Rajput family. Pavitra goes back to sleep.

Pavitra wakes up. A man comes to her with his head cut. It’s Rocky. He’s become a witch. Rani holds his hand and laughs. She says Rocky and I will always be together as witches. Pavitra says I won’t’ let that happen. She attacks him. She falls on Rocky. He is sleeping. Pavitra was dreaming. Rocky caresses her face. Pavitra says sorry. He says don’t make excuses now. She says I thought you were in danger. He says you are the danger.. You attacked me in my sleep. She says don’t be childish. He says you have gone crazy in love I think. I love disease specialists. How do you feel? Pavitra says I feel.. you are stupisde. He says it’s serious. Pavitra is scared for the family.

Scene 2
Pishachini says we have to break this family. Create cracks between them. We have to make them hate each other. Find their weakest parts. Babu Ji says but Pavitra is part of this family. She will try to protect them. Rani says then we will use her to burn this house. She laughs.

Pavitra says I thought I should cook. This is a ritual. It’s Navratri. Sapna says do whatever you want. Sudhakar says didn’t your aunt teach you to not break weddings? Sapna says did you even tell your aunt? You don’t care about other people. You’re selfish. This is what your aunt has taught you. Pavitra leaves in tears. Amrita says you were right. She deserves it. Pratik says we will never let her be a part of this family. She might be here for something big. Sapna says what? Vidya looks at them and cries. She says why are they not getting Pavitra. She is doing all this for this family. She sees Pratik, Amrita, and dada Ji laughing. They make fun of Pavitra. Dada says we four are together. She sees Pishach lines on their face. Vidya cries. Amrita sees her. Pratik comes there. Vidya hides. They leave. Vidya says they are all witches.

Scene 3
Pavitra thinks about what Sapna said and cries. Vidya comes to her scared. She cries and says they all became Pishach. They are not alive. She cries. Pavitra hugs her and says I know. She says why are you not telling everyone? We have to tell everyone. So much happened and no one knows. Pavitra says we don’t have powers. She can do everything. Telling them would put their lives at risk. Vidya says we have to tell them. Tell them about your grandfather. Pavitra says it’s not right to tell them right now. They are safe if they don’t know. Vidya cries and says this will remain a secret. Pavitra says no. Until I find a way out. I have tried to tell them. Vidya says what if she harms anyone else? Pavitra says it’s my family too and I promise I won’t let her harm anyone else.

Scene 4
Pishachini takes a hot bath. She sees something burning. She is drowning. She screams. Hot lava falls from the ceiling. Pavitra sees it.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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