Pishachini 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update

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Sapna scolds Vidya for talking with Vidya and taking her from there. Pavitra wonders where Rani is. She hasn’t seen her since the morning. Meanwhile, Rani is pulled into the boiling water. Rani is brought to the Pishach world. The head Pishach says to Rani that she failed to marry someone from the lineage of the Rajputs and reminds her that she has time till Dussehra to achieve her goal. He shows her the crown of Maha Pishachini shining and says that she won’t get it or Maha Pishachini’s powers if she fails. Rani vows to get the Maha Pishachini’s crown at any cost.

Rani comes out of the bathtub. The water in the bathtub looks like hot lava. Rocky comes to Rani’s room to talk to her. He knocks on the door, calling out to Rani. He sees the yellow a colored light coming from under the door. He thinks that maybe the room caught fire. Meanwhile, a hot lava falls from the ceiling. Pavitra sees this and thinks that Rani’s room is upstairs. Here Rocky breaks the door and goes inside. He finds Rani getting ready and apologizes to her. He says that a very bad thing happened to her and says that he wants to apologize to her by meeting her. Rani hugs Rocky to prevent him from seeing the hot lava coming out of the washroom.

Rocky asks Rani what she’s doing. Rani asks Rocky to let her hug him. Just then, Pavitra arrives there and calls out to Rocky. Rocky becomes agitated. He says that he has just come to check if Rani is fine. He leaves. Pavitra pushes the screen and checks the bathroom. She doesn’t find anything in the bathroom. Pavitra asks Rani what she is doing here. Rani says that Rocky has come to meet her secretly as he can’t come out of her love. Rani says that Rocky agreed to marry her before Pavitra. Pavitra reminds Rani that Rocky married her at the end. Rani vows to make Rocky hers. Pavitra vows to break Rani’s dream and her ego.

Pavitra is preparing dishes for her first Rasoi. Rocky comes there and offers to help Pavitra. Pavitra refuses and says that she has made all the dishes. Rocky tries to clarify whatever Pavitra sees in Rani’s room. Pavitra says that she trusts her husband. Rocky is surprised to hear this and smiles.

Sanchit brings Sapna and the family to the dining table to taste the dishes made by Pavitra. Shikha scolds Sanchit. Rocky asks his parents to taste the dishes. The rajputs refuse. Pavitra apologizes to Sapna for hurting her and assures that sooner or later everything will be fine. Sapna refuses to accept her apology. She says that she doesn’t understand her talk or wants to understand it. Pavitra requests Sapna not to her anger on the food. She says that she will leave if they want. She’s about to leave. Rocky stops Pavitra and tries to feed Sapna the kheer. Sapna throws the kheer bowl away. Sapna refuses to forgive Rocky for marrying Pavitra and angrily walks away.

The Pishachs and Rani are having a meeting. The Pishachs are scared as they are unable to stop their Pishachs forms from coming in front of other family members. Rani assures them that everything will be fine as she found a way. She shows them a fire orb.

Episode ends.

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