Pishachini 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra stands sad after the Rajputs leave, refusing to eat the food prepared by her. Rocky consoles Pavitra. He assures her that his family’s anger will soon calm down. He makes her sit at the dining table. Rocky, Vidya and Sanchit serve her food. Pavitra smiles with teary eyes. Then Rocky, Sanchit and Vidya also sit and they have food together. Later, Pavitra prays to the Goddess. She requests the Goddess to give her strength to protect her family and combat Rani.

Meanwhile, Vidya is reading a book in which is mentioned about the Goddess giving powers to her devotees to fight the evil powers during the time of Navratri. Vidya wishes that the Goddess could bless Vidya with powers so she can fight Rani. Here a small part of the light gets separated from the lighted lamp and enters Pavitra’s forehead. Pavitra feels it and opens her eyes. She finds her vision blurred and wonders what happened to her eyes.

Rani is in a meeting with the Pishach. The Pishachs look with admiration at the fire orb which Rani calls “padal agni”, hoping it will safe them from the Goddess’ light. Rani denies it, as during Navratri, evils become weaker and they can be destroyed by the Goddess’ increased power. Rani further says that only she can save them as the fire orbs will help her become Pishachini.

A FB shows: the head of Pishach gives Rani the fire orb and says that it can mesmerize anyone who comes into its touch and no power can be able to stop it and Rani should use it before Dussehra, since after the dawn of Dussehra the fire orb will melt and lose its power. Rani says to the Pishachs that she will mix her blood with the Rajputs’ bloodline that night. The Pishachs remind Rani that Rocky married Pavitra. Rani is confident to trap Rocky in her love. Rani and the Pishach laugh.

Rocky complains to Vidya and Sanchit that Pavitra doesn’t care about him while he is showing his full support. Vidya assures Rocky that Pavitra likes Rocky. Rocky asks then why Pavitra stays away from him. Shikha says that it’s because Rocky tries to get closer to her. Meanwhile, Pavitra worries about Rani’s next ploy and decides not to leave Rocky alone. Here, Shikha misguides Rocky to pretend not to care about Pavitra to get her attention.

Sanchit says that this is a wrong suggestion. But Rocky finds Shikha’s advice great and leaves after thanking Shikha. The latter smirks, thinking that everything is going according to Rani’s plan. Vidya says to Shikha that it seems she doesn’t want Rocky and Pavitra to unite. Sanchit says that Shikha seems changed. Shikha admits that she has changed. She says that she is prettier and happier than before, but it seems they don’t like it. Shikha leaves while Sanchit and Vidya stand shocked by Shikha’s reply.

Pavitra finds the room in disorder. She picks up the clothes that are dispersed on the floor and asks Rocky what this is. Rocky says that this is his lifestyle and he isn’t going to change it for her. Meanwhile, Rani says that Rocky will forget everything and will come to her room as soon as the fire orb touches him. Here Rocky tries different ways to make Pavitra believe that he doesn’t care about her. Pavitra recalls Rani’s words and decides to stay awake to protect Rocky. However, she falls asleep as Rani had mixed sleeping spills in the water she consumed. Rocky covers Pavitra with the quilt.

Episode ends.

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