Pishachini 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Pavitra protects Rocky from Pataal agni

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The Episode starts with Rani looking at the decorated room and says very soon you will yearn to meet me, then nobody can stop our union. Rocky tells Pavitra that she looks beautiful in sleep. The red fire ball is coming there. Rani throws flower petals on the bed and says the bed is set, and the wait will be over. She says the poison will be mixed in Rajputs’ blood. She says Pataal agni might be reaching and laughs. Vidya couldn’t see the red fire ball over her head. The fire ball goes inside Pavitra and Rocky’s room. Rocky goes to sleep. The fire ball is coming near Rocky. Rani says I can’t wait more as he is knocking on my door. She imagines dancing with Rocky in her room. Pavitra wakes up due to the divine powers of the Devimaa. She sees the red ball on Rocky and she jumps off to shield Rocky. Rocky wakes up seeing her on him. Pavitra makes the red fire ball going back. The red fire ball comes back to Rani. Rani says Pavitra might be sleeping, then how did the pataal agni returned. Rocky says I ignored you and you came to me. She asks what did you say and moves back. He pulls her closer and says I was telling that the distance between the beds can’t separate us. Pavitra goes back to her bed and smiles. She says good night, Rocky. Rocky says I am sleepy, don’t attack me. Pavitra smiles and thinks what was that red ball?

Pavitra tells Vidya that she couldn’t see when her eyes were open, but everything was clear when her eyes were closed. Vidya recalls reading the book and says surely you got some powers to see the danger with closed eyes. Pavitra says that fire ball was Rani’s conspiracy. Vidya says it was pataal agni and makes her see it online. She tells that she had read it in the book and now coming to know that it is real.

Rocky’s sister tells that someone is liking her and wants to meet her. She is about to see Rani hanging upside down. Rani’s aides ask her to go. Rocky asks what you was reading and checks it. Pavitra and Vidya look worried. Rocky says it seems to be film’s story. He asks Vidya not to read such things. He says today is Maha Astami puja. Pavitra asks if all the family will come, Prateik, Amrita and Dadu also? He says yes. Pavitra thinks to show the truth to everyone. Rani is hanging to the rooftop and says she wants to become Maha Pishachini.

Precap: While everyone is doing puja. Rani makes red ball goes inside Rocky. Pavitra looks for Rocky.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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