Pishachini 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rani gets an idea to become Maha Pishachini

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The Episode starts with Rocky telling Pavitra that room is theirs, but something is missing. She says your waste stuff. Rocky says few things are not understandable, just like this remote which we keep on the table and this knife with which we can do anything. He slides and the knife gets thrown from his hand at Pavitra. Pavitra holds the knife. He asks how did you hold it? Pavitra says it might be good destiny. She asks what was he doing with knife. He says he will not play this game from on wards. Rani thinks what to do to get Maha Pishach’s crown. Rani gets angry and throws the things. She finds the photo frame and thinks she understood what she shall do.

Pavitra tells Vidya about the powers which was granted to her by Mata Rani. She says even now we have to save Rocky from Rani. Rocky’s mother tells Bubbly that if Rani don’t want to sit, then they can’t force. Vidya asks her mother to give some clothes to Pavitra. Her mother refuses and says it is for Rani. Vidya insists that it shall be given to Pavitra and tells that Rani is not like she appears, and is about to tell the truth when Pavitra stops her. Rocky’s mother asks her to save her daughter atleast.

Rocky’s sister tells Rani that she had asked her to keep eye on Nikita else she might tell that Amrita and Pratik are dead. She says don’t know where she has gone? Rani says you people don’t eat anything and that’s why does nonsense. She eats scorpions infront of them. She says she will become maha pishachini. Dada ji says how we will save ourselves. Rani asks her not to go near the goddess idol or the lamp.

Sanchit brings clothes for Pavitra. Vidhi gives her bracelet. Pavitra says if Chachi sees you here? Vidky says my mother is innocent and forgets. Rocky says I want to give her gift and says he has sold his imported watch to give her this. He makes her wear the chain and pendant.

Amrita and Pratik bring Dada ji near the temple. Everyone asks him to come to the front. Amrita and Pratik make an excuse that dada ji will cough due to smoke. The Pishach calls Rani and tells that she has one day remaining to become Mata Pishachini. Rani says nobody can come between her aim.

Precap: Rani sends the fireball in the inhouse temple when everyone is doing puja. The fireball goes inside Rocky. Sanchit enters with Rani wearing garlands.

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