Pishachini 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Maha Pishach targets Rajput family member

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The Episode starts with Pavitra feeling someone was behind her. Shikha is running in the jungle and calls Veer. She hears the dangerous roaring sound as Veer is behind her as Maha Pishach. She runs asking for help. Everyone go to her side hearing her voice. Shikha collides with Veer, who is in human avatar now. She hugs him and cries. She says she was scared hearing the dangerous voice and asks if he is fine. She says she felt peace seeing him safe. Rocky, Pavitra and others come there. They ask what they were doing in the jungle. Shikha tells them everything that she came to jungle searching him. Veer says he also heard the dangerous voice and came insearch of Shikha. Pavitra says we will think about the voice, and shall leave from here.

Rani is in Pishach Lok and the Pishachs make fun of her, tells that there is no place for her in Pishach look. They ask her to leave and blow on her. It is Rani’s dream, she is still tied to the tree and thinks she has to do something to get freed. Sapna asks Rocky and others not to go out again. She tells Veer that he was right that they shall not go out on Diwali night. Vidya is about to tell them about finding deer’s bone, but Sanchit stops her. Sapna says they will celebrate Bhai dooj tomorrow, and tells that there is no danger inside. Pavitra hopes so. Vidya asks Sanchit why did he stop her and tells that nothing is fine. Sanchit says may be some wild animal hunt the animal and left. Pavitra says it was magical creature. She shows the big nail. Rocky asks where did you get it? Pavitra says it is of the magical creature which reached our door. Veer comes to Dada ji. Dada ji says everything is happening as per your plan. Veer asks him to be in cage for now. Dada ji asks what to do with Rani. Veer tells that Rani can’t harm him, her game is over. He tells that he is Maha Pishach and is very powerful. He came for 2 days, and then will aim at his target when the green star comes in the sky. He tells that he has searched his prey already who is in this house already. Dada ji asks who is she/he? Veer laughs.

Everyone get ready to celebrate Bhai Dooj. Shikha comes ready. Sapna is happy to see her. Rocky tells Pavitra that they made the matter big. Pavitra tells that she couldn’t find out about the nail in nanu’s book also. She says they shall take help from wild life expert. Rocky says we shall leave it here only. Pavitra says she feels that the danger is near them and says who could be the danger. She senses someone standing and turns. Veer is standing and looking at Pavitra. He turns his face. Sapna says we shall start the rituals. Pavitra asks about Rocky’s father. Manohar says he went to his namesake sister. Sapna says he will come after 2 days. Bubbly asks where is Vidya? Vidya is walking in the jungle, when she sees cycle outside. She thinks Rani might have hunted someone. She thinks to alert Pavitra. Rani calls Vidya and asks her to get worried about the trouble on them. Vidya says until you are tied, we are not in danger. Rani says I am tied here, but you all might have heard him roaring yesterday. Vidya says it was of an animal. Pavitra says don’t talk like children, it was not of animal but it was of someone. Vidya asks whose? Pavitra says the hunter which came to hunt big, and is roaming in your house. She then tells that the hunter about whom she is talking about is very powerful than her and eats humans like eating carrots and radish. Vidya gets scared and runs. Rani says stop, only I can save you all. She asks her to free her.

Vidya comes home. Shikha and Vidya do the Bhai Dooj rituals with Rocky and Sanchit. Everyone dances on the song. Vidya goes from there. Pavitra looks for her while dancing. Vidya calls Nashak and thinks pick the call. Veer’s hand touches Pavitra and she feels the spark. She looks at him.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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