Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 19th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Malhar worries for Malwa’s future

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 19th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dwarka asking the jeweller to go to Ramjani’s room, Khanderao would also be there. Ahilya looks on. Dwarka recalls talking to Gunu ji about the necklace coming for Ramjani. She angers Ahilya. Tukoji says we have to go to check other documents. Gangoba checks the documents. Rakma says Ahilya is amazing, she has done an amazing thing today, she has given an assurance to Ganesh pandit, but is dowry wrong, I also got gifts for my husband in my marriage. Tukoji says your dad was able to give the gifts, but Ganesh is poor. Gangoba says a dad gives the gifts by his wish, there is a special reason also, when a daughter gets married, the son gets the dad’s property, so a dad gives the daughter’s share as the Vardakshina. Rakma says it means Ahilya is thinking wrong, the girls won’t get the share from their dad’s property. Tukoji says she didn’t say that she will raise this matter in Darbar, she just wants to help Ganesh ji. Gangoba says it will be good if she doesn’t raise this topic in darbar. Khanderao smiles seeing Ramjani sing. She sees him and asks when did you come. He says when you were spreading life around, I understood that, your voice has magic and pain also.

She says it means friends have kept enmity, pain is a part of an artist’s life. He says I got a gift for you. She smiles seeing the necklace. She thanks him and accepts the gift. She asks Khanderao to touch her ghungroo and give them respect. She says I will be dancing for you for the first time. He says your art is priceless, I gifted you to apologize for hurting you, you got hurt by Malhar’s words. She says no, I didn’t feel bad. He says but I felt bad, think it’s a small gift from my side, I will come later to hear your voice and ghungroo sound. He leaves. Maid Indumati says you started getting gifts. Ramjani says no, this isn’t a gift, but respect for me. She kisses the necklace. Gautama asks why are you so worried. Malhar says I don’t find Khanderao’s situation right, he is confused, I m worried for Malwa’s future. She says he is underestimating himself. He says I had to praise Ahilya, if we praise someone, they get encourage to work better, she has always proved herself better than Khanderao, he is losing his senses. She says everything will get fine, don’t worry, its time being. He says no, I can see a coming storm in these winds, it will take away a lot of things along with it.

Its morning, Nima trains the men. Dushyant looks on. He says you have to teach them. Nima says they can’t even learn in 6 months. Dushyant says its Malhar’s command, they have to participate in wrestling championship. Nima says don’t worry, I will teach them in 2 weeks. He goes. Dushyant signs the men.

He goes to Ahilya and says I have sent the men there, Nima wasn’t agreeing at first, then when I took Malhar’s name, he agreed, Malhar can know this. She says I will talk to him, I want to know about that medicine. She turns to see.

Ahilya says I got the wedding arrangements done in this temple. Khanderao tries to call out Ahilya. Rakma asks Ramjani to take Khanderao to her room. She says Khanderao fainted, its good that Ramjani came and took him. Ahilya is shocked.

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