Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update : Ahilya gets permission from Malharrao to investigate

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 1st November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ahilya is asked did she give all jadibuti to Rajvaidya. Ahilya says yes, why what happened?
Khanderao restless, opening pouch. Malhar Rao walks in and asks him why is he so worried. Khanderao hides pouch and says you never come to see me. Khanderao says I came because you made me proud, here read this scroll. Khanderao reads it. Malharrao says your condition is approved and Delhi Shah will give you sword and they want you to go save him from Surajmal. Khandero says sure.

Rajvaidya tells Ahilya he didn’t find anything suspicious, Ahilya says I can’t be wrong, there is something in it. Ahilya asks Ganubaji did he ever see Nimmaji say or do something suspicious. Ganubaji remembers once Nimmaji add something to jadibutii. Ganubaji says I saw him rub something and add.
Ahilya says I knew it, this means he add while giving the drink. Rajvaidya says he needs to examine the jadibutii drink. Ahliya remembers Khanderao tell Ahilya he can’t share Nimmaji’s secret.
Ahilya sees Ramzani and stops her, Ahilya says come with me.

Malharrao keeps praising Khanderao and his confidence. Khanderao says you are happy right. Malharrao says yes come sot beside me. Khanderoa joins him. Malharrao says when you were a kid, you always defeated me but I use to loose purposely to make you happy, you will understand when Malherao becomes big and then you will know this happiness, you have to leave for Delhi in few days I will make arrangements for you. Malharrao asks Khanderao why is sweating so much. Khanderao says nothing, all is good. Malharrao says you don’t look fine, what is the issue. Khanderao says just tired, but now be strong because you don’t have chance to do mistake because everything is dependent on you. Khanderao says to Malharrao, I want to tell you that I have decided to give Gunuji a position in the troop.

Ramzani says to Ahilya, that she will help her. Ahilya tells Ramzani she has to organise a show today.

Malharrao gets angry and says you are making this mistake of again mixing relationship and politics. Ahilya walks in. Malharrao says now Ganoji must be wanting revenge, Khanderao says he knows his father is wrong. Ahilya says to Malharrao she knows he is right but…Khanderao loses his calm, and shouts at Ahilya and calls Malharrao a liar for false praising him sometime back. Malharrao says from bow Khanderao you are solely responsible for your decisions. Khanderao says agreed and leaves.

Dwarka and Gunuji together, they are infromed Khanderao is here to visit. Gunuji acts as if he is in pain, Dwarka backs him
Khanderao walks in and tells Gunuji that he has taken permission from Malharrao for his position and soon they will leave for Delhi. Gunuji thanks Khanderao and says now I will work as your shadow and even die for you so that no one calls me terrorist like they call my father. Khanderao says we will win together and return in success. Gunuji hugs and thanks him. Khanderao leaves.
Dwarka says to Gunuji, very good.

Malharrao tells Ahilya, that he sees a change in Kanderao like he was sweating and why isn’t she getting he examined by Rajvaidya is there something she has to say. Ahilya says I am suspicious someone is giving him something with his medicines. Malharrao says why haven’t you taken actions. Ahilya says I am just suspicious I need proofs and for that I need your permission to let organise a Ramzani Mehfil for all executives, especially Nimmaji.
Ahilya says to him, if my idea works we will find the reason behind Khanderao’s change in behaviour. Malharrao says do whatever you want to and if someone is messing with our future king, I promise I will behead that person.

Ramzani gets ready, her Dasi praises her and asks who are you ready for looking so beautiful….
(Ramzani tells Ahilya she always had to listen to people she hated but today its her pleasure to get orders from Ahilya and asks who should be Ramzani’s target, Ahilya says I don’t want to destroy someone but its just for Khanderao’s long life and so is this show. Ramzani says I will dance till my last breath.)

Pre cap: Ahilya, Rajvaidya and Ganubaji search Nimmaji’s house. Nimmaji walks in.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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