Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Khanderao meets Ishwari Singh

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 21st September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khanderao coming to meet Ishwari. Guards check him and let him in. Malerao sees Khanderao. He is tied up. Dhana ji says all the conditions are written on this, you have to take Khanderao’s sign on it. Ishwari asks where is Malerao. He says he is outside with the guards. Ishwari burns the paper. He says I just had to call Khanderao here, I want to kill him and take revenge. Dhana ji says you are talking like me, you are brave, don’t you follow any battle rules. Ishwari jokes on his disloyalty. Dhana ji says I lost everything to Malwa. Ishwari says if I snatch everything from Malwa then, if I kill Malerao and Khanderao, then who will sit on the throne, you won’t need to live hiding your identity, my revenge will get fulfilled. Dhana ji smiles. Gunu ji says Nima is a busy wrestler, I convinced him to come, everyone is worried for Malerao. Dwarka asks did you explain him the work. He says yes, he will take part in the selection of the chief wrestler of the palace. Dwarka says fine, if he loses, then we will win, but I m interested in his Ayurved knowledge. Gunu ji says he has both the talents, I m sure that Khanderao will give him the position. Dwarka says sure, he has to become Khanderao’s best friend. Gunu ji says don’t worry, he is much sharp in his work, he will befriend Khanderao and also his work. She nods. She checks some herbs. She asks will this kill someone. He says no, but it won’t let someone live well. Gunu ji says it’s a weapon to defeat Khanderao.

Ahilya comes to Ishwari’s camp. Malerao sees her. She stops and sees a sack moving. She cries. She sees the guards around. She thinks forgive me Malerao, one wrong step can become dangerous for you and Khanderao, I have to reach the tent soon. She goes. Malerao cries. Ishwari welcomes Khanderao. Khanderao scolds him and says when I come, a storm occurs. Ishwari jokes. He asks the guards to check Khanderao. Khanderao says you are scared of me. He stops the guard from touching his padgi. Ahilya is tensed. The man asks her to stand in the queue. She thinks to find some way. She thinks Khanderao is weaponless, I can’t trust Ishwari. She sees someone hiding. She signs him to go. Ishwari says let him check. Khanderao says I have let him check well, Pagdi is the pride of Maratha, I won’t even let you touch it, my son is with you, I m helpless, but I won’t lose my esteem, I have come here weaponless, you are asking the guard to check me, I heard something else about Rajputs, are you a Rajput or not. He scolds Ishwari.

Ishwari gets angry. Khanderao says our collaboration didn’t happen yet, I have to sign on your conditions, then return my son, it will be benefit of both and also loss of both. Gautama prays and cries. Harku consoles her. Gautama says its two days, I don’t know about Malerao. Harku says I m shocked, how did Ishwari know about Vanbhojan, someone from the palace told him. Gautama sees Gunu ji and Dwarka talking. She doubts Gunu ji. Ishwari asks Khanderao to have water. Khanderao scolds him and asks where is Malerao. Ishwari laughs. He asks him to sign the papers first, after reading it well, then he will be meeting his son. Khanderao stamps the papers. Ishwari smiles and thinks once you stamp the papers, then I will kill you. Khanderao says take this, I have fulfilled my promise. Ishwari throws the knife at him.

Ishwari catches Khanderao and Malerao. He says you will get punished.

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