Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya and Tukoji save Khanderao and Malerao

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gautama conducting the darbar. She says I have the responsibility now, I want to know who is that culprit, who tried to harm us. Guard brings two men there and pushes them on the ground. Gautama sees them and recalls. Ahilya cries and prays. Ishwari says you will see Malerao dying in front of your eyes, and I will see who suffers more. Khanderao gets angry. Ishwari says you have to take this pain twice, I will kill your wife, Ahilya. Gautama asks who are you. Nehru says he is a wrestler, Nimma ji. Nimma says its not the right time, but I would like to introduce myself, I m a Vaid also, I m going to get some herbs in the jungle, I heard them, they have added the medicine in Malerao’s food, they are the traitors, so I got them.

He recalls beating the men. Gautama asks the men to say, is this true. The men admit their crime. They say we did this on someone’s saying. She asks who told you to add the medicine and kidnap Malerao. Gunu ji asks them to say the name. Gautama says you both will be sentenced to death. The men run towards Gautama and catch her at knifepoint. Ishwari laughs. Khanderao says listen to me, you can behead me, but then you will hear a roar, it will end your entire family, Malerao’s Dada, Ahilya’s Sasur, my dad, Malhar Rao, he is the bravest, when he learns about your wrong intentions, then you and your coming generations won’t get saved, you can kill me, but then you won’t get saved, it’s the future, don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you, you are a fool, you won’t understand, do anything you want. Ishwari throws the sword. He says you will shout on me, you will scare me. He beats Khanderao. Malerao says don’t beat him. Khanderao faints down.

The men kidnap Gautama. Gunu ji signs Nimma. Nimma catches the men. Nimma gets angry. Gunu ji asks him to leave them. He recalls his plan. Gunu ji and Gautama ask Nimma to leave them. Nimma says no, they tried to kidnap Gautama. The men die. Nimma says forgive me, I was keeping my loyalty, I couldn’t control my anger, you can give me any punishment. Gautama says I couldn’t know the name of that traitor, but I got a real loyal person in you. She smiles. Gunu ji says you are right, he deserves a reward. She asks Nimma what does he want, ask for it. He says I m a wrestler by profession. Gunu ji says I want to suggest something, we need a trainer for our guards, if we can appoint Nimma, then.. She nods and says I will recommend Nimma to Khanderao when he comes. Ishwari takes the sword to kill Malerao. Ahilya prays. She cries. She says Shiv ji has to come before any disaster occurs. Ishwari attacks Malerao. He hears some noise and stops. He asks the guards to take Malerao backwards. He goes out and sees Tukoji and Ahilya with their guards. She slaps Ishwari. Tukoji says come, we have to secure Khanderao and Malerao first. Ishwari gets caught. Malerao hugs Khanderao. Tukoji holds Khanderao.

He says I will send the news to the palace that we got Malerao. Ahilya cries and says Malerao. She hugs him. He hugs Khanderao. Khanderao says you are fine now, we are here, Ahilya saved us. Malerao says no, she cheated me, she saw me and didn’t save me, she is selfish, she is a coward. Khanderao shouts Malerao.

Ahilya catches Ishwari and threatens of beheading him. Khanderao asks Ahilya not to do this.

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