Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Khanderao gets addicted to the drugs

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 29th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Radha telling Ahilya about the landlord’s tortures. She recalls the tortures and cries. She says he has snatched my house and made me helpless. Ahilya cries. Radha says he will kill me. Ahilya says you will get justice, all the people who are scared of him will speak up, Devi Jagdamba’s coming today, she will kill Asurs before leaving. She promises Radha. Khanderao says I m still recovering from my wounds. Nima asks him to have the medicine and get strength. Khanderao says I don’t want any medicine to win the match, I trust my capabilities. Nima says then you can never win over me. Khanderao says lets bet, if I lose, then I will have the medicine. They both fight. Khanderao falls down. Nima apologizes. Khanderao says it’s a game, all the players are equal, you have won the bet. Nima asks shall I get the medicine.

Khanderao says yes. Gunu ji comes and gets a shawl for Khanderao. He says you lost to Nima. Khanderao says it’s a game, win and lose goes on, did I say anything wrong. Gunu ji says you have lost again and again to a wrestler. Khanderao says we shouldn’t win by the position but by physical strength. Nima adds the medicines in a glass. Radha says I talked to the village Patil, but it didn’t help. She recalls her husband and other men killed. Ahilya asks Parvati to make arrangements of Radha in the servant quarter. Ahilya prays to Devi Aai. She says we forgot that our own people’s mindset is ruining us, thanks for helping us understand. Khanderao asks how can someone be upset, tell me. Gunu ji asks can I ask you something. Khanderao says say. Gunu ji asks him to think of taking him back in the darbar. Khanderao says Ahilya will decide about it.

Nima gets the drink. Khanderao says I will win the second round now, I get strength after getting this, try it. Gunu ji says no, its Raj bhog. Khanderao says don’t refuse, have it. Gunu ji drinks it. Khanderao says drink more. Nima worries. Khanderao asks him to watch now Gunu ji gets dizzy. Nima asks what happened. Gunu ji says I m feeling dizzy, tell me some antidote fast. Nima says there is no antidote, you have to tolerate it. Khanderao says its amazing herb, Nima ji, you will give this medicine to Gunu ji also. Nima gives it to him. Khanderao asks Gunu ji to have it. He also takes the medicine and goes. Gunu ji asks what’s this. Nima says once a person gets affected by this, it becomes a habit. Khanderao checks the medicine. Ahilya comes and stops him. He says I got fine after taking this medicine. She asks why do you want this. He says it’s a medicine. She says Nima isn’t a Vaid, its not right that you are trusting him, its not good to get habitual to any medicine. He says I can’t do this, the reason is, it’s a secret. She asks what. He says fine, I won’t have this medicine again if you say. He asks how did you come here. She says we will have darshan of Devi today. She goes. He sees the medicines.

Tukoji tells about Lakhan and Radha’s case. Ahilya worries when Radha gets blamed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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