Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update : Dwarka and Gunuji get alert

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ahilya and Parvati rush to Khanderao, Ahilya asks him what is wrong is he fine. Khanderao says everything is finished, Ahilya you are just week. Khanderao says I can’t even puck my sword. Ahilya says to him, this sword is a part of you, this can’t happen try once. Khanderao tries but of no use and says its over. Ahilya says its all in your head and that medicine is tricking you and you feel tired, you try and I have faith you will pick your sword. Khanderao tries and picks his sword a little and says I can’t and won’t go Delhi too. Ahilya says don’t say all this.

Malharaao sees Khanderao and feels sad. Ahliya asks Parvati to look after Khanderao and goes to Malharrao and says don’t lose hope. Malharrao says to her I never imagined I would see him this way, my son is lion but few backstabbed him. Ahilya sayd I know its hard time but we will come out of it and we have to be strong and soon we will see Khanderao healthy and fine. Malharrao says you are right we together have to make Khanderao strong and make Khanderao fit for Delhi.

Muktabai gets flowers for Khanderao. Khanderao says very pretty just like you. Muktabai says quickly get fit because we have to go on tour. Khanderao says let me tell you a story of a prince. Malharrao and Ahilya hear them. Khanderao narrates story of the prince made a mistake and Sadhu cursed him that prince will lose all his energy and so one mistake made prince lose everything he had. Ahilya walks in and says but he was a prince and he had strength and hope and he knew that there is always a solution and to find that solution that prince worked hard because prince didn’t want to lose before trying and soon that prince with his meditation and hardwork impressed God and got his powers back.
Ahilya says to Khanderao he has has to work hard against the odds. Khanderao says Ahilya you heard Rajvaidya my body hqs become shallow and I can’t fight this. Khanderao leaving sees Malharrao and leaves.

Ahilya says Baba Saheb he has lost hope. Malharrao says Ahilya you know to make history and win over all odds and I know you will even this time and leaves.

Malharrao discusses and asks to find the main culprit behind Khanderao’s conspiracy and its definitely someone from inside. Dwarka hears that and gets scared.
Gunuji with his fathers ashes.Dwarka walks to him and says why didn’t you perform final rituals. Gunuji says I am now. Dwarka says make sure you do all rituals and anyways you shouldn’t be here because Malharrao is behind Nimmaji and so you should go perform rituals and come back and I hope all will be fine by then and leaves.
Gunuji says I won’t perfrom final rituals till I take his revenge.

Ahilya tells Sasubai about how Nimmaji and slipped and once she finds who is really behind all this I won’t live that oerson alive. Dwarka listens to all this. Harku bai says Akka Saheb I had warned you, Sasubai says don’t this is risky. Ahilya says lets hear her once because whoever this person wkll definitely die.

Dwarka says to Gunuji we can’t step back now we have made this a big thing now and if we do any mistake now we will be dead. Gunuji says we are strong, stop being scared or we will definitely make mistakes, our destiny is with us this is why Nimmaji ran away, behave normal and act as if even you care for Khanderao.

Malharrao discussing Delhi plan with everyone, and aee worried about Khanderao’s health. Malharrao says Khanderao is lion and he is injured and injured lion is more dangerous and such little problems doesn’t mean we lose hope, this trip will give him the strength.

Pre cap: Malharrao practises with Khanderao asks him to pick sword. Khanderao breaks down and says I can’t. Ahliya rushes to him. Malharao yells and says stop.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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