Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya gets the documents from Lakhan

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lakhan Singh going to check his chest. Ahilya hides. Gunu ji asks what’s the matter, you have called me. Dhana ji gives something. Lakhan asks who is there, I feel someone has come here, no one should be here. Dhana ji says Ishwar Singh has turned mad after his defeat. Gunu ji says but he is jailed in the prison. Dhana ji recalls freeing Ishwari and asking him to take revenge. Ishwari says I don’t want any revenge on Khanderao. Dhana ji asks what are you saying. Ishwari says I can’t fight Ahilya bai, she will kill us. FB ends. Gunu ji asks what, you made him leave. Dhana ji says don’t worry, I kept someone in his place. Gunu ji says you have done your work, I m doing my work to make Khanderao shallow, I made him get addicted to drugs, I asked Nima to make his dose double. Dhana ji laughs and says now we have to attack Khanderao from both the sides. Lakhan doesn’t see Ahilya. Rakma says Ahilya didn’t do this right. Tukoji says yes, she went alone and took a big risk, what shall I do, I don’t understand. Ahilya checks Lakhan’s safe. She gets some documents. Dushyant acts hurt to stop the men. The men doubt him and go to call Lakhan. Dushyant signs Ahilya to go. The man tells something to Lakhan. Dushyant acts hurt. Ahilya goes. Lakhan asks what were you doing here, who is with you. He beats Dushyant. Dushyant scolds him and pushes him away. He runs away. Lakhan worries. Ahilya goes to Sarja and Dushyant. She says if I had gone there as a queen, then we would have not got these proofs against him, thanks for help. Sarja says we are always with you.

Ahilya thanks Dushyant. She says I m sure now that Radha will get justice in the darbar tomorrow. Gunu ji asks where are you taking me. Dhana ji says storm will come in Khanderao’s life, you are giving drugs to him, the effect will get double now. He shows some people going. Gunuji asks who are they, where are they going. A lady is seen in a palanquin. Dhana ji says she is Ramjani bai, Madhav Singh has sent her as a gift for Khanderao, but she will benefit us, that medicine and this beauty will take him on a wrong path, Ahilya and Khanderao’s relation will shatter, how will Ahilya handle her family and husband, its time to make her enter his life. Its morning, Tukoji greets Gautama. She says you might have got the news that Ahilya gathered the proof against Lakhan. He says no. Harku says you both always stayed together in every mission. Gautama says you are her strength, you always stand by her, but this time you are opposing her, its not right. They leave. Rakma looks on.

She brainwashes Tukoji against Ahilya. Khanderao wakes up. He says I have to meet Raj Vaid. Ahilya comes. He thinks to not tell her anything. He says I felt some temperature, are you okay. She says yes, but I will have food today. He asks did you believe that Radha is culprit. She says no, I have a proof for her innocent, I request you, command Lakhan to come today in darbar and start the case again.

Khanderao says Vaid will check the medicine. Ahilya says its good to clear doubt.

Update Credit to: Amena

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