Raanjhaana (Beloved One) ft love birds – Intro

Hey peeps, it’s nice to meet you in this forum.

I have been a TU fan for the last 10-12 years and I have thought to write fan fiction but couldn’t able to find the time. There are lots of authors who fascinate me like Supriya, Jasminerahul, Sesha, etc. Everybody’s work is great here. So, I hope this ff satisfies everyone. Kindly leave feedback on this in the comments.

Since I’m old school, I have watched Hindi serials which are a little old. So, this ff is also based on those serials. Hope you like it.

Introduction of Characters:

Saraswathichandra – A young businessman who is an orphan. He lives in Dubai. One of the most eligible bachelors in the town. He is a kind of rugged boy who is a topper in all activities. He loves sports, Chola bhatura, and traditions. His only relatives are his two close friends – Zoya and Parth.

Zoya –  College Junior of Saras, living in Dubai with her abusive parents. But she loves them a lot. She is so close to Saras and he treats her as his little sister. Zoya’s dad and Saras are business partners. Parth lives with Zoya’s family since he is a distant cousin of hers and he is from Kolkata. He and Saras are classmates and became buddies for life.

Parth – A young charming man who takes care of his family’s business in Dubai. He has also partnered with Saras and Zoya’s dad. A distant cousin of Zoya. He is in love with Prerna, his childhood crush. They both haven’t met each other.

Prerna – A young girl from Kolkata pursuing her masters and lives with her mother. She is a normal middle-class girl who is deeply in love with Parth and waiting for his arrival.

Kumud – A beautiful and bold girl from Gujarat, lives with her parents. The household will always be silent and dull due to losing of Kumud’s twin sister when she was a baby. But Kumud lights up the house with her presence and wishes that she finds her sister soon.

Aditya – A Pilot, Kumud’s family friend, and they both share a lovely bond. He is in search of his lady love.

Pakhi – A school teacher and a single mother of Kavya living in Mumbai. She is so strong independent woman who raises her 4-year-old daughter on her own after her husband dies in a bomb blast. He was an army officer.

Ayshman – A lawyer and a single father of Ayaan who has moved to Mumbai recently. Ayaan is also a 4-year-old boy. His wife died during a rush delivery when a bomb blast occurred and Pakhi’s husband also died fighting.

This is all about how love blossoms between these individuals and how they unite in their life.

Hope you like the introduction. Please leave your thoughts in the comments on whether I should continue this or write another story. Coming to pictures, I’ll try my best to use an apt one. If possible, someone please create a cover pic for me?


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