Radha Mohan 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini threatens to harm Gungun

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Gungun introduces Radha as her mother which shocks everyone, Gungun explains she is the best mother in the world before hugging her, Radha turns to look at Mohan, Chanchal jee explains that children’s tend to turn away from their biological mothers but she has loved Gungun as her own child and turned over the meaning of a step mother, Damini in frustration tries to explain she is the mother of Gungun but Mohan yells at her, he takes her away explaining they want some files from the office. Ajit signals Ketki to calm down.

Mohan asks Damini to calm down when she exclaims he is asking her to calm down even when Gungun called Radha mother in front of everyone, Mohan assures he went there to request Gungun to call her as mother but doesnot know what she did today, Damini replies she is going to tell the truth to the lady, Mohan inquires if she has gotten mad, since they cannot do anything in front of the lady and must let it happen as it is, Damini questions what does he mean asking if this is what he desires, Mohan questions what is she trying to imply, Damini replies she felt as if he did not care when Gungun called Radha her mother, he thought there is nothing wrong so what if he is also happy with the rituals that are going on, Damini exclaims that Gungun has accepted Radha as her mother so what if he has also started loving her, Mohan is stunned as Damini explains she knows Gungun loves Radha a lot but has he also started loving her.

Radha whispers to Gungun that Mohan doesnot love her, Gungun replies but she loves him. Radha explains she has made a very big mistake, Gungun smiling explains she is correct in every aspect. Radha thinks that what she planned is not happening and what is happening is wrong.

Mohan informs Damini he has promised to marry her and will not break it but she must not forget the reason he is marrying, he just desires a mother for Gungun so if she no longer lives in this house then he would not need a wife. Damini quickly holds his hand apologizing for her behavior, she explains how she really loves him and the only purpose of her life was to marry him but how can she watch all the rituals which they both were supposed to do, be fulfilled by Radha, Mohan after a while explains he is going to tell her what she must do.

Radha exclaims it has been very long so where is Mohan, Chanchal jee explains how she feels Mohan cares more about his business rather then family, Radha asks what is she saying since he comes running leaving all his work when Gungun calls him. Rahul questions when does Mohan work as he would not even remember the color on their office walls, Ketki replies how would he remember when he ahs been doing all the work from home after the lock down.
Mohan says to Damini how she should stay in the room if she cannot watch the rituals, Mohan leaves while Damini looking at the photo of Gungun exclaims now it is time for her death as she was the reason the Haldi function stopped but now her life is about to end, Damini calls someone explaining she has an urgent work and there is no time, Damini picking the photo covers it with the liquid from the candle.

Gungun explains both her parents are made for each other and even their name sounds good together as Radha and Mohan just like the Bhagwan. Chanchal jee leaves explaining that she has to answer a call, Kaveri signals Rahul who starts yelling at Radha questioning why did she go and sit at the sofa, Kadambari warns him to lower his voice and not misbehave but he is adamant to force Radha out of the sofa, Mohan stops Rahul and then is about to hit him when Chanchal jee returns, Mohan at once exclaims he is the youngest so there is a lot of time for him to fulfill the ritual, he whispers how he warned him to behave with women.

Mohan mentions they should start the function, he goes to sit beside Radha when she tries to leave but he exclaims that Gungun has crossed all the limits today but he was not able to say anything, he requests Radha to help him in the act that is going since they both are friends, Tulsi replies he has still not understood Radha has come here to stand by his side for all the time to come.

Gungun is smiling as Kadambari starts the ritual of Haldi, she covers the face of Radha with haldi mentioning they would surely have done something nice that she came to their family and she would not forget what Radha is doing for them, Chanchal jee asks Damini who is she, Gungun reveals she is Damini aunti their relatives. Kaveri smiling explains she is the elder sister of Kadambari and Damini is her niece. Gungun mentions and she works in the business of Mohan, everyone is stunned. Damini thinks Gungun should not make such a big mistake that she doesnot forgive her.

Damini in anger throws the table, she yells at them to end this drama as neither Radha is the wife of Mohan nor the mother of Gungun, everyone is stunned hearing this as Damini reveals she is the wife of Mohan while Radha has snatched her place, Damini starts strangling her which worries even Chanchal Sharma, Mohan in anger calls her name. Damini suddenly wakes up from her dream recalling how she misbehaved with Radha, Gungun asks her to apply he Haldi. Mohan notices that she is furious and remains still as she fulfills the ritual, Damini kneeling hugs Mohan apologizing for what happened, she explains he saved Gungun today and she must stay with them no matter who she calls Mother. Gungun calling Damini exclaims there is no need to be so close as everyone else is waiting for their turn. Tulsi asks her to stop as it has gotten way out of hand.

Ajit and Ketki come to perform the ritual and hug Radha, Mohan mentions she is really good at acting when Ketki replies that this might not be an act as she is really happy, Gungun mentions she doesnot believe in such traditions but since the mother is of her choice she is going to do it, Gungun hugs both Radha and Mohan. Tulsi exclaims she is giving the blessings to her new parents. Gungun calls Damini asking if she knows her name is Gungun Trivedi daughter of Mohan and Tulsi Trivedi, as no one can force her to do anything so the wedding of Radha and Mohan has been finalized so what are the relatives doing to do, Damini turning sees the knife, which she tries to pick but Kaveri stops her mentioning there is a right time for it. Damini is forced to turn, she thinks Gungun can be as happy as she desires since she would not be able to say anything after a while, she looks angrily at Gungun.

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