Radha Mohan 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini manages to protect Kaveri from Mohan and Radha

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Mohan and Radha are standing when she points towards the other direction, he doesnot realize so she asks him to look and turning around he is stunned, Radha slowly starts to walk aside so she can see who the person is, Radha falls from the corner and the person turns around, she starts looking at Radha with a weird face.

Damini is constantly trying to call her mother but she doesnot answer her call, Ketki noticing her questions Damini what she is doing in the corner, Kadambari quickly hides the letter advising Ketki to not inform her, she gets worried wondering why is maa not telling anything to her favorite Damini. Kadambari wonders if Damini herself has sent this letter to increase the problems of Radha.

Ketki questions Damini what is she doing so must come and select the saree for her wedding, Damini coming explains she already has a lot of clothes so doesnot need anything else, Gungun comes with Rahul explaining these ideas are not good at all and she needs something interesting so they can win the talent hunt, Tulsi coming thinks that she can never leave Gungun alone but if she goes out for the talent hunt then what might happen to her.

Kadambari informs Damini that they are going to get designer dresses for her wedding but she must select some of these for the other functions, Damini replies she would come after a while since there is some important work. Ketki however stops Damini by taking her mobile informing that that she can work some other time and they should select the dress, Damini snatching the phone leaves to sit beside Kadambari thinking they all are interested in selecting the dresses while everything would be ruined if Mohan and Radha find Maa.

Kaveri instructs the auto driver to charge him double but must drive fast, Mohan comes to sit beside Radha with a smile, the old lady asks from where did she come, Mohan reveals she got stuck in the date tree and fell from it, the lady asks if she brought any date for them and what was she doing standing in front of the closed shop, she herself thinks they might be playing hide and seek, Mohan offers her to also play with them but she leaves replying she only plays with her husband. Radha replies she knows what is he going to say to her, he advises her to cover her face when she informs he would say she always gets in an accident.

Kaveri suddenly wakes up in the auto and is scared seeing it would be five o clock soon. Mohan asks if she would play hide and seek when she questions what is he saying as everything would be ruined if someone sees them, Mohan replies they must hide otherwise the reporters would make a news about them that they both were found playing hide and seek, Mohan asks if she wants to stand up, he offers to help her and she after standing is not able to take her eyes off him. Mohan hearing the auto arriving quickly pulls her to the corner, she questions if he can see when she once again keeps staring at him while Mohan is looking at the auto, Radha recalls how Damini said she knows Radha loves Mohan a lot and mentioned this one-sided love always ends in tears as Mohan can never love her, Radha thinks it is wrong as Mohan only loves Damini. Mohan asks her to keep quiet when he exclaims if she is getting the allergy once again as her cheeks have gotten red, he offers that the local doctor would be suitable, and she needs his help.

Kaveri instructs the auto driver to stop the auto, she with a smile explains he must buy a bull cart and sell this auto since he dives slow. Kaveri slowly starts walking towards the Mandir, Radha asks Mohan to pay attention when she notices Kaveri masi walking so informs Mohan, both start following her and when he tunrs her, Mohan is shocked to see it is Rahul he questions what is he doing here but Rahul is not able to say anything, Gungun coming questions what is taking him so long since they are going to the talent hunt and Mohan must arrange for the sweets. Mohan questions Rahul to tell the truth but Gungun instead questions Mohan mentioning that today is her competition, and the best friend is not with her. Mohan seeing Gungun explains that if they lose the competition then he would have to perform at the signal.

Gungun and Rahul leave when Mohan believes he is the culprit in the house, Radha doesnot want to believe it when Gungun replies there is no shop to buy sticks here, but they would surely win it without the sticks.

Rahul leaves with Gungun when Kaveri and Damini are relieved when Kaveri informs she got saved by her today but asks how did Damini got the idea, Damini reveals she suggested Rahul to take part in the fancy dress and got him disguised as her, Damini replies both Radha and Mohan thought they would be more clever then her and she needs to make Radha pay for what she is doing, Kaveri agrees saying she can do whatever she desires.

Radha informs Mohan they waited for so long but even then, was not able to find anything about the culprit. Tulsi also questions if they found anything when Radha replies that Gungun would be angry with her and she will make her favorite pasta for her, Mohan gets a call from Shekar explaining everything must happen tonight since they need to find the enemy of this house. Mohan asks what Radha was saying, she replies she wants to make the pasta for her, Mohan assures she can but refuses to eat it.

Gungun watches on the television how the girl was arrested and her husband blamed Aprajita when she informed, she has been fulfilling the duties of both a mother and father since the past fifteen years. Gungun is tensed when Radha comes questioning what happened, Gungun replies that she is being blamed even when she has done a lot for her daughters, Radha replies Aprajita has a lot of strength since she has been facing difficulties since a long time so nothing can stop her, Radha suggests they should both watch her story, Radha and Gungun reveal that Aprajita would come from Monday to Friday.

Radha is cleaning the room while mentioning how Gungun doesnot want to clean her room, Damini enters the room which stuns Radha. Damini in anger questions where did she go with Mohan, Radha hesitantly informs they both had some work, Damini replies she has a lot of work with her fiancé in recent times, Radha assures she has said it and would once again say her relation with Mohan is not like that when Damini replies even then she just stays with him and doesnot feel like informing her, has she thought about what would people say if they see them both together once again. Radha replies she doesnot care as it is the work of such people to just talk. Damini mentions she has started speaking like Mohan and she feels like Radha has come with proper intent. Radha replies she has not come back for Mohan jee, Damini mentions she came to save this family and now that she has found the partner of Hriday, Radha must leave this house. Damini turns away while Radha questions how she knows about it leaving Damini shocked.

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