Radha Mohan 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan refuses to let Radha enter the house

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The officer explains the person is from one of them who put the letter in the box, Mohan asks who is he, the inspector replies he can see for himself. Shekar hands Mohan the phone and after seeing the evidence he is left stunned so looks to Shekar.

Gungun is still reciting the verse standing on one leg, Damini also comes explaining it is enough while Kadambari is really tensed, Tulsi assures Radha would surely come back as Bihari jee would not let anything happen to her, Ajit comes with water requesting her to drink it but she doesnot respond to any of their calls, eve when she is having difficulty breathing, they all are really worried about her, Gungun starts losing her balance as she has been standing for quite some time and is about to fall but Mohan picks her up in his arms, seeing which they all are relieved, Gungun exclaims why did he break her pooja as how would Radha come back to their house so he must leave her, Dulari also comes running mentioning that Pooja is successful as Radha has returned but Mohan is still really furious while both Damini and Kaveri are stunned.

Kadambari in excitement explains Radha has returned which delights everyone, Gungun even kisses Mohan thanking him for bringing Radha back, she runs after apologizing to him, Kaveri exclaims that Bhagwan takes a lot of time to fulfill her prayers no matter what she does but he accepted the prayers of the little girl so Radha has returned.
Radha is walking in the house when Gungun is also running toward her but Mohan from behind stops her, she feels tensed about what has happened, he even refuses to let Radha enter the house. Mohan walks over to her as Radha stands outside the main door, he refuses to let her enter the house as there is no place for her in this house and even this family, everyone is stunned to hear Mohan say this to Radha. Kaveri exclaims how did this happen as it is magical, Radha questions why is he talking like this as he says she is a part of this family then why is he doing this, mohan asks if she is asking why did he do this, Radha replies she knows the answer to it, and he is angry she left the house but she is sorry for making such a big mistake.

Gungun mentions there is no need to apologize, she explains now that Radha has returned, she is happy, Mohan replies they donot have any relation with Radha from now on and she herself has broken this relation from them, they all donot understand anything that Mohan is saying, even Kadambari questions what is he saying. Mohan explains that she wanted to leave this house even when he fought with her just so she could stay with them and he even stood in front of the house, he asks why did she lie to them, Gungun explains that Radha can never lie when Mohan replies that she said such a big lie which caused the heart break of his daughter, he asks her if she recalls how he used to say that she cannot lie but he was not able to catch her lie, Kadambari questions why is he making stories and questions what has happened, he takes the phone explaining they all wanted to know who posted the letter from Randhawa. Kadambari, seeing it asks Radha if she herself posted this video.

Radha recalls that she apologized to him before posting the letter, how she exclaimed this is the only way as he cannot let her leave so she must take this step, Mohan says she wanted to leave the house so must leave now, she was eager to go because her actions have proven that she doesnot care for their family, he orders her to leave. Kaveri and Damini both start smiling.

Radha crying requests him to forgive her as she made a mistake, Mohan replies he doesnot need her apology but the reason she wanted to leave this house, Radha wonders how can she tell him that she loves him to the extent that she cannot watch him get married to anyone else. Mohan asks if she even knows what happened when she left, Gungun stood on one leg praying for her return just as she did for her Bhagwat Geeta, Radha with tears questions why she do it, Mohan replies that just as her Geeta means everything for her, Gungun feels that Radha is most important in her life. Radha exclaims her feet would be hurting so she will apply the ointment, but Mohan stops her from entering the house placing her hand in front of her. Radha looks at him when he explains until she tells him the reason, he would not allow her to meet Gungun. Damini gets worried thinking what would happen if Radha tells the truth to Mohan.

Mohan replies they all know Radha doesnot do anything wrong then should tell him what the reason for leaving this house and family was, even him. Gungun standing beside Mohan explains she knows the reason which causes everyone to be stunned. Radha is worried thinking if Gungun tells him that she loves him. Gungun explains because he always scolds her when she doesnot study. Radha accepts she knows she made a mistake, but he should forgive her, she will accept any punishment however he should let her apply the oil. Mohan replies that he doesnot need anyone to take care of his daughter as her father is still alive, if she cannot tell him the reason for leaving this house then he would not let her come in again, Mohan closes the door on Radha, taking Gungun away while everyone is standing there stunned. Kadambari follows Mohan and everyone leaves.

Kaveri exclaims the thorn in their way left but Damini replies she would not have returned if there was anything, but Radha will have a reason.

Mohan places Gungun on the bed, she insists on going to Radha when Mohan explains that Radha did not care for those whom she left behind, it is not right to leave whenever they desire as she did not even think what would happen to those who are worried for her but Radha did not care for anyone. Gungun explains she cannot understand such difficult things but that she loves, Gungun realizes how Radha made her swear she would not tell anyone. Gungun explains she loves Radha, and she also loves her in return, Mohan explains what if she leaves once again. Gungun explains she doesnot know it but cannot let Radha leave. Mohan tries to explain himself when Gungun informs that she only has Radha to be with, even her mother died so he should not force Radha away from her. Tulsi explains that Radha left because she was not able to hide her feelings for him.

Radha is calling Dulari and she apologizes for not opening the door since Mohan has instructed to not let her inside, Radha mentions she just wants her to apply the oil on Gungun feet, Radha wonders who would be helping Hriday when everyone in the house loves each other.

Gungun pleads with Mohan to let her go to Radha but he refuses to let her leave, she sits angrily on the bed. Mohan thinks Radha always brings him out of the troubles then she herself put him in trouble today, why did she lie to him. He vows to find the reason which worries Damini and Kaveri.

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