Radha Mohan 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini plans to have Radha killed

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Mohan exclaims Radha always helps him come out of the problems but has herself today put him in one, he wonders why she lied to him so vows to find out the real reason, Mohan rushes out of the room. Damini says to Kaveri Mohan only acts as an angry young man while he has a soft heart, she knows he would go and open the door to let Radha inside which she cannot allow to happen, Kaveri starts praying to Bhagwan.

Radha is sitting when the basket hits, Gungun asks her to come and eat the food as soon as possible but Radha replies she would not eat anything going against Mohan jee, Gungun replies she doesnot care for Mohan and would also jump as she did for her in the bore well, Radha exclaims she is not doing the right thing lying to Mohan, Gungun replies she is not lying to Mohan but has not said anything, as she knows that Radha loves Mohan and should marry him after which they would live together and she can be her mother, Damini gets furious hearing Gungun call Radha as her mother so rushes out to push her, Damini is walking behind her when Gungun suddenly slips which worries Radha, she asks if Gungun is fine instructing that she should get back from the balcony otherwise she would fall.

Kaveri pushing Damini asks if she has gotten mad because if Tulsi sees that she was trying to push Gungun then they donot know what she would do, Damini recalls how she was about to push Gungun but then her mother pulled her back. Kaveri closing her eyes requests Tulsi to forgive Damini because she was just playing, Kaveri opens her eyes to see Gungun standing in front of her and she warns that she would always keep an eye on her.

Radha is on the call with Dadi who questions why she not told Mohan the truth, Radha replies that the relations of the family have just been solved because the difference of Rahul and Mohan have ended and eh even talks nicely with Kaveri aunt. Dadi questions then what would she do, Radha replies she will bear the scold of Mohan and anything else until she finds out the truth about the person who is helping Hriday. Damini comes from behind explaining she would praise Radha for standing her while still being determined and she did not leave, Damini explains she knows girls like Radha who try to impress wealthy men. Mohan coming from behind questions what she is doing here, Damini replies she just wanted to meet Radha, Mohan looking at the basket thinks she has learned to work in friendship like him, he asks if Damini is so eager to meet Radha, then should also stay with Radha outside. Mohan questions Radha why she lied to him, Damini gets worried thinking what might happen if Radha tells the truth, she requests Mohan to let her inside, but he wishes to learn about the truth. Radha slowly explains she cannot tell him the truth, Radha insists explaining it is important she comes inside when Mohan also demands to know the truth, Radha agrees but says he can not let her inside hearing this Mohan and Damini get tensed. Mohan questions why she is doing this time pass with him, he says he feels like throwing water over her. He exclaims they should give her example of being stubborn as she is really yung but stubborn. Mohan walks away throwing the biscuit on the floor, Damini thinks he is still worried for her.

Damini turns to walk back inside when Radha questions what she was saying that she knows girls like her, so must tell her why she left the person whom she leaves and is trying her best to not make him know the truth. Radha replies to Damini doesnot know her at all, because neither was, she able to understand her nor her love. Damini in anger explains she got the courage to reply her, Damini once again rushes back inside closing the door on Radha’s face, Damini thinks she would have to close the chapter of Radha forever.

Damini calls the goon, explaining there is a girl which she wants to be killed and he should do it just as the night prevails when the person assures her work would be completed.

In the night Radha is sitting at the front door when Damini asks Kaveri to see how she is sitting outside so shamelessly, Radha is sitting when someone suddenly throws water on her, Radha questions Mohan what is he doing, he replies this is what he does to liars before throwing the water bucket. Radha apologizes for lying when Mohan explains he is washing the lies, so he pours one more bucket of water on her asking if she is going to leave.
Radha agrees to accept any punishment, but she would not leave, Gungun explains this is very wrong hearing which Mohan is stunned. She exclaims she hates him so rushes to meet her, Mohan questions why she not hid.

Gungun opening the door hugs Radha when Mohan coming asks what is she doing when he said that no one would talk to Radha, Gungun refuses to come inside questioning why did he throw water on Radha, Kaveri exclaims why is anyone not going inside, Damini asks her to come inside as they need to sleep. Radha suggests she should go inside as she also got wet, Gungun explains if he would not allow Radha to come inside then she will also stand here, Gungun exclaims if Mohan Trivedi is angry then his daughter is also the same, she asks Dulari to bring her belongings. Mohan picks Gungun walking in the house.

Damini looking at Radha thinks she might have said they would meet again but she is going to die soon, Radha thinks that Gungun was scolded because of her.

Damini standing in the balcony wonders why is it taking them so long to come, the goons arrive in a can and parking it outside the house start walking slowly towards Radha while holding a knife, they suddenly get a call so hide.
Damini instructs there should not be any blood outside the house, they can take her someplace else when the person she wants her to die but is not interested in seeing any blood, Damini warns there is no need to argue as he should take her someplace else. The person agrees that he would complete the task according to her desires.

Radha is sitting when the person puts the knife in his pocket before slowly walking towards Radha as she is sitting outside the house, he accidentally tips from the pot which stuns Radha, Damini gets scared.

They both walk to her when Radha asks if they want to meet anyone, Damini curses them thinking it would create a problem if she starts screaming when the person explains they want to know the address but Radha sees the knife that falls from his pocket. Radha is shocked.

Mohan asks Dulari what she means by not eating, Dulari explains she is saying she would not eat without Radha, Mohan asks if everyone has lost their mind in this house when she says they should not give her any food, Kadambari warns him when he wonders how they can not give her any food.

Radha questions them both about their identity, both goons cover the mouth of Radha and even cover the pot which she tries to throw to create a noise. Mohan turns to walk out of the house when Kaveri stops her questioning where is he going, he replies that Gungun said she would not eat anything without Radha. Mohan starts walking towards the main door while Radha is struggling as they pull her away, Mohan opens the door but turns as he is called from behind, Radha tries to signal him however he doesnot look at her.

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