Radha Mohan 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan leaves to find Radha

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Mohan is about to open the door when he is called by Kaveri asking him to stop, he turns and doesnot see that Radha is being kidnapped which causes her to smile, she asks if he is really going to bring her back inside when she has lied to them all, Damini thinks it will create a lot of problem if Mohan manages to see Radha being kidnapped. Damini rushes to stop him while Mohan is standing holding the door, she sees him arguing with her mother. Damini rushes to Mohan and just as he is about to turn, she manages to close the door.

Mohan seeing Damini is stunned, she asks what he is doing when Mohan replies he would have to accept the condition of his daughter as she said she would not eat anything until Radha comes back, so he will have to bring her back. Damini doesnot agree explaining that if he brings back Radha after forgiving Radha then what effect would it have on Gungun, she is blackmailing them today so who knows what else she would do in the future, Tulsi thinks now she would tell her daughter how to speak the truth, she herself is the biggest liar. Damini explains Gungun might not be able to differentiate between right and wrong, she is a child and would learn from them, she is about to become her mother, so it is also her responsibility. Gungun from behind explains she would never become her mother, thy all turn in shock to see her standing which stuns them all. Gungun rushes to Mohan explaining Damini wants that Radha should not return to this house, because she knows Damini hates Radha. Gungun explains to Mohan that her father and Grandmother have left but if they were here then how would they feel.

Damini opening the door a bit wonders why it is taking them so long to kidnap a girl. Damini explains they must not talk in between the elders, and she is talking a lot today, Mohan replies she is talking the truth and even he would do what is fine so opens the door but is stunned to not see Radha, Damini walking out calls Radha, but the kidnappers are hiding behind the girl, Damini notices them so gets stunned thinking what might happen if they manage to find Radha. Gungun wonders where Radha went, Gungun explains Radha was waiting because of him but he refused to let her inside the house, Mohan replies that she would not go anywhere without telling him. Damini is worried.

Gungun asks if she would wait the entire night, revealing Radha left as he inflicted a lot of pain on her, Mohan kneeling replies even he knows her because she is stubborn and stood on one leg for her Geeta.

Mohan asks Gungun to yell her name loudly, hearing which Radha manages to bite the hand of the kidnapper before standing up seeing which Damini is worried however the kidnapper manages to hit her head with a rock because of which she gets unconscious, Mohan feels as if there is someone so turns to look, the kidnappers are hiding with Radha when Mohan slowly starts walking towards them which worries Damini, the kidnapper informs he is coming here therefor he takes out a knife.

Mohan is walking towards the main door but Damini stops him from behind, explaining Radha is not a child so if she has decided to not live here then he should let her go, hearing this everyone is stunned when Damini reveals what is the point in searching for her, Mohan replies she has not gone anywhere and is here, Damini asks how is he so sure when Mohan reveals she doesnot leave without her Bihari jee, Damini turns to see the Murti placed on the footstep. Gungun agrees with Mohan revealing she would not go anywhere, Tulsi also agreeing with Gungun thinks Radha would surely be here.

Mohan once again starts walking towards the main door when the kidnapper instructs his men to hit him with a knife if he comes closer, Kadambari sees the broken pots lying down on the floor when she calls Mohan to come and see that the pots are broken, Damini reveals this is where something might have happened, Mohan is worried that Radha is in danger as there are marks of dragging but they end here, Tulsi questions what is he saying. Damini suggests they can check the CCTV footage, Ajit rushes inside to check it along with the family, Damini signals the kidnapper to leave with Radha, they quickly put her in the car.

The entire Trivedi family sees the CCTV footage, they are stunned to witness Radha being kidnapped when Kadambari questions who are these people, Mohan replies that he doesnot know but this means she has been kidnapped when Mohan reveals they might not have gone far away so he can catch them, Mohan runs out but sees the van driving away, he falls so immediately calls Shekar explaining Radha has been kidnapped, he must inform he police to set up barricades. The police instruct them to close all the roads within a five-kilometer radius and check all the car.
Radha wakes up in the car and so starts yelling but her mouth is covered by the kidnapper, they are seeing the barricade plan to use the other way since they might get caught.

Mohan asks both Ajit and Rahul to stay back while he would go and search for Radha, Rahul offers to help him when Mohan explains he must stay back as they might call them for ransom. Mohan turns to leave asking Shekar to drive his car, Gungun is standing in front of him explaining how she used to say that he killed her mother but would not say it anymore, he must protect Radha. Mohan also gets emotional, Gungun asks him to promise that he will save Radha, Mohan agrees to save Radha in any case before leaving.

Damini thinks Mohan would not be able to fulfill his promise to Gungun, since Radha is about to die.

Radha is struggling when the kidnapper stops the car because of the barricade, he thinks they should drive the car in this city otherwise would be caught, they argue for how long they would be able to drive the car, Radha keeps struggling when they slap her so she once again gets unconscious.

Mohan driving the car thinks he would surely find Radha; he blames herself for being an idiot thinking why he made her stand outside all by herself.

The kidnapper answers the call of the client not knowing that Radha is awake, he explains they cannot do anything to her since the entire city has been barricaded, Damini agrees to give them twice the amount, but he should kill the girl. Damini ends the call but is stunned to see someone standing behind him.

The kidnapper explains this is the joy of working for wealthy people as they agree to increase the money on small things.

Kaveri starts smiling when Damini questions why she is scaring her, Kaveri explains Mohan has went to search for Radha, Damini replies even she wants him to find her but after she is dead.

Radha prays to Bihari jee so he can show her a way, she sees the handbrake so pulls it with all her strength causing the kidnappers to lose their balance, Radha manages to utilize this moment and run away. Mohan is driving the car when he sees Radha standing on the road signaling in the back view mirror. Mohan gets worried.

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