Radha Mohan 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan blames Rahul for ruining their family

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Radha replies she did not come back for Mohan, Damini exclaims she came to protect this family but her work is done since she found the partner of Hriday, Radha is stunned. Damini turns back requesting Radha to leave their lives. Radha questions how she knows about it that she and Mohan jee are searching for the partner of Hriday. Damini tries to clarify herself but Radha doesnot want to listen to anything explaining only she and Mohan jee knew about it, she vows to tell Mohan the truth refusing to listen to Damini she walks down the stairs calling Mohan who is on the call, Damini is really stunned when Radha explains their desire to search has ended as she found the enemy of the house, Mohan also agrees explaining they have founded the enemy of the house and calls everyone including Kadambari, Ketki and Ajit downstairs.

Kadambari gets worried when Radha thinks how would Damini be able to lie this time since now Mohan is sure Damini is the culprit. Tulsi is also glad Mohan got to know the truth about Damini. Mohan explains to Kadambari how they thought that Hriday came to this house because of Dadi but it is wrong as someone from this house informed Hriday about everything, including their weakness and strengths even the relation they all have. Tulsi is smiling. Mohan explains this is why Hriday knew everything before coming to the house, Kadambari questions Mohan how he knows about it, Radha reveals if Kadambari remembers she went back to the mandir so she can return the Murti of Radharani so when she want to that Mandir the Pujari there thought she was the culprit which is when she found out that Hriday jee came to this house after planning everything. Mohan mentions the person who tried to ruin their family and even placed the life of Radha and Gungun at risk lives in this same house, with them all Kadambari asks him who is tat person

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