Radha Mohan 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha tries to inform Mohan the truth about Damini

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Radha mention she wants to talk about something really important, Mohan agrees to listen but just as Radha is about to inform him Kadambari calls him, Radha recalls that she asked her to leave this house immediately. Kadambari mentions from tomorrow the functions of wedding would start and even Mata rani would come to their house, Mohan asks what the need is for this all, Kadambari replies she knows he is tensed because of Rahul but they cannot stop the functions otherwise people would say that the stepmother has not paid any attention to the wedding. Mohan leaves mentioning she knows he cannot refuse to her any suggestion; Radha tries to call him but Kadambari gazes angrily at her so she scared.

Damini once again tries to regain her breath, Tulsi exclaims she would have to go from her first before hurting Radha, Damini smiling thinks if Tulsi wished to kill her then she would have done it a long time ago but Mohan only belongs to her since she is madly in love with him, Damini threatens that Tulsi is powerless, Tulsi replies that Damini just wants to take Mohan for herself and he is not her love, but an obsession which is why she cannot see the love and respect which Radha has for Mohan. Damini tries her best to open the doors but she is not able to do anything, Tulsi exclaims she has become cold from the inside and would now see how it feels when death is standing in front of them, Damini seeing the temperature of the air conditioner tries to lower it but she is not able to do anything so throws the remote in frustration, Damini soon starts feeling really cold to the extent that she is forced to cover herself with the quilt, soon the entire room reaches really cold temperatures. Tulsi starts smiling seeing the condition of Damini and so writes of the mirror, Damini reading the text gets tensed but is not able to do anything, Tulsi leaves with a smile as Damini falls onto the bed because of the tense ice. Damini exclaims no matter what Tulsi does, she is not going to leave Mohan as either he would marry her or Tulsi will take her life, she is not going to stop before that.

Radha asks Gungun to open the door so Gungun pulls her inside mentioning she can say anything but not the important thing, Gungun mentions Damini is the reason for this fight as she caused it between Mohan and Rahul so what would have happened if she revealed her feelings to Mohan. Radha replies she doesnot know if it will sort the things but she should promise her to not fight with Mohan ever again, Radha leaves as the food is cold, Gungun thinks everyone in this house is stupid while being older then her, she thinks she has a plan to tell make Radha her mother even when she cannot tell Mohan the truth.

Radha thinks this is the right time to tell Mohan the truth about Damini, she notices the wedding card so recalls how Kadambari mentioned she should never blame Damini when she is about to become the daughter in law of this house, Radha turns to leave but Mohan calls her asking if Gungun has eaten the food, he even requests her to check the wedding card for spelling mistakes since he cannot focus, Mohan mentions he is not able to understand why Gungun is angry with him and he has no idea how to mend his relation with her, Radha is really hesitant asking how can she do it, Mohan assures it is written in Hindi so she will never face any problem, Radha takes the card in her hand when Mohan leaves after getting a call. Radha holding the card in her hand is constantly recalling of all the instances when Mohan helped her, he has showed such affection towards her. Radha reading the card recalls what Damini said that she will not be able to bear her love getting married, Radha thinks what is she doing since then she will not be able to complete the duty she has taken upon herself, Radha thinks she should collect the proof as soon as possible and even prays to Durga Maa that everything should be fine.

Radha is standing when the worker comes asking if everything is fine and so Radha assures there is not anything to be worried about, he requests to attend the washroom so Radha shows him the way.

Kadambari is walking in the hall but she gets tensed thinking someone is watching her, someone quickly changes the wedding card

Damini slowly walks out with the bag when someone puts her finger on her head, Damini getting scared scolds her mother, Kaveri questions where is she going at this time with the gun, she vows to not let Damini kill anyone else, Damini leaves replying she has some unattended work which she is going to complete, Rahul listening to the conversation wonders where is she going at this time.

In the morning Radha making the Rangoli thinks that she would have to inform Mohan about the truth relating to Damini, suddenly someone purposefully ruins the Rangoli when Damini replies she would ruin anyone who comes between her and Mohan, Radha pushing her away says she would correct everything that Damini ruins but not let anything wrong happen to this family, Damini replies her wedding is in seven days and the Puja today so what would Radha be able to do, Radha replies this Puja is performed so that the new couple gets blessing, if her intentions are pure then nothing wrong would happen but if she is involved in any evil doing then nothing good would happen to her, Damini calls her a stupid villager hearing which Radha asks her to not talk like this again as she has learned this much from Mohan that Damini did not say anything good to her, but she must not behave like this ever again.

Radha hears Mohan and the rest of the family coming with Durga maa, they all rush to seek the blessing when Damini asks if she can perform the ritual as she is about to become the daughter in law of this family, Tulsi exclaims she for the first time is seeing that an evil person is doing the ritual, Damini asks Mohan to bring the Murti inside the house but she hits Mohan causing him to stumble, Damini is about to be hit by the muti but then Radha manages to catch it at the last moment, Damini is stunned but gets angry seeing Radha who is tensed staring at Mohan.

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