RadhaKrishn 10th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna Battles Rahu and Ketu’s Attack

RadhaKrishn 10th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna asks Saambh and Balram to return to place with the villagers as he alone wants to face Rahu and Ketu. Saambh refuses to leave Krishna alone at any cost, but Krishna convinces him and sends him away. Balram refuses to leave next. Krishna reminds the battles they fought together and requests him to have a faith on him and let him fight the battle alone. Balram also leaves teary eyed.

Rahu and Ketu get happy seeing Krishna alone. Radha also convinces Rukmini and others to leave her alone. They all walk away. Rahu and Ketu congratulate Shukracharya that both Radha and Krishna are alone now and they easily kill Krishna now. Shukracharya rejoices. Krishna thinks only Radha’s love for Krishna can defeat Rahu and Ketu. Radha feels helpless and thinks how can she protect Krishna.

Mahadev meets Krishna and requests him to let him help. Krishna requests him to let him fight alone. Mahadev says he will end Rahu and Ketu who are part of Swarbhanu who tricked them and had amrith. Krishna says they can’t go against the rules. Mahadev says let him at least do this and breaks Rahu and Ketu’s delusional barrier around ladies. Devi Gauri asks Rukmini, Laxmana, and Revati to return back to their dear ones as she will return to Kailash and seek Mahadev’s help to unite Radha and Krishna.

Rahu tells Shukracharya that Mahadev cannot help Krisha as they created kaal sarpa dosh in Krishna’s kundali. Shukracharya says Mahadev himself is kaal and can do anything, he needs to know Mahadev’s plan. Devi Gauri reahes Kailash and finds Mahadev missing. Nandi informs that Mahadev left Kailsh. Mahadev thinks he will not meet Devi Gauri until Radha and Krishna are united. Rahu and Ketu continue attack Krishna to break his sudharshan chakra.

Rukmini, Revati, and Laxmana return to place and feel sad for Radha and Krishna. Balram says they respect Radha and Krishna’s love and sacrifice. Navagrahas feel sad for helping Rahu and Ketu against Krishna and apologize Krishna. Indradev says they can pray for Radha and Krishna. Devi Gauri recall Mahadev’s tandav and his love for him, their ardhnarveshwar avatar, etc. She seeks Mahadev’s help and asks what shall she do next. Rahu says once Sudarshan chakra is destroyed, he will attack Krishna. Krishna says their wish will be fulfilled soon and they will know the power of love.

Precap: Rahu and Ketu attack Krishna and are shocked to see him unharmed. Radha says her love is protecting Krishna and will end Rahu and Ketu.
Radha and Krishna’s ardhnareshwar avatar emerges to kill them.

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