RadhaKrishn 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Shankchur Sends Warning Via Revati

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Gopis tell Radha and Krishna that they felt immensely happy seeing them together, they need to return back to Vrindavan now. Krishna says a devi resides in every woman, he is happy to see that in them all and Radha. Gopis say they both showed their immense love for each other today, so they want Radha Krishna’s love to be remembered for generations. Krishna thinks he didn’t want Radha to remember this.

Shankhachur gets angry feeling humiliation by Gopis and Krishna. Mahadev and Devi Gauri leave Dwarka. Mahadev feels something unusual is going to happen. Balram scolds guards for letting an unknown man inside Dwarka who misbehaved with Radha and Gopis. Kanha asks him not to bother about it. Radha thinks about Gopis’ suggestion and requests him to ask rishi Vedvyas to write about their love story. Krishna says he can’t disturb Vedvyas.

Revati goes to lake shore for bathing. Heavily intoxicated Shankchur walks to her. Revati gets afraid and tries to run away. Shankchur blocks her way via magic and orders her to inform Krishna and arrogant ladies that he will take revenge from them. Revati returns to palace and informs Balram what Shankchur did. Balram gets angry and determines to kill Shankchur. Krishna stops him and says one cannot die without beairng karma and assures that only Balram will kill Shankchur soon. Yakshini informs Shankchur that he can take revenge from Krishna and Gopis with Shukracharya’s help. Shankchur says he will meet Shukracharya right now. Yakshini says he should show his competence to Shukracharya first to gain his confidence.

Krishna goes to meet Radha. Guards stop him and say Radha is getting ready. Krishna says many times Radha gets him ready, so he will go and get her ready. Guards says its Radha’s order not to let himin. Radha asks guards to let him in. He walks in and notices Radha ready very beautifully. Radha says they spent a lot of time in mrityulok and now shall return to golok. Krishna says there is still time for that. Radha agrees and rests on his shoulder.

Precap: Shankchur kidnaps Gopis and thinks Krishna will have to bend in front of him now.

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