RadhaKrishn 17th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Shankhachur Forces Gopis To Marry Him

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Radha informs Krishna and Balram about Shankhachur kidnapping Gopis. Balram gets angry and decides to kill Shankhachur. Rukmini stops him and asks Krishna to do something. Krishna says he cannot as he promised Radha to travel with her somewhere and hence can’t rescue Gopis. Radha recalls her promise and frees Krishna from his promise and requests to rescue Gopis first. Krishna asks if this is her decision. She says yes and via telepathy tells Devi Parvati that she can’t bring Krishna to Golok right now. Devi Parvati says its okay and thinks there must be some reason behind it.

Balram asks Krishna if stopped him from punishing Shankhachur because of the promise he made to Radha. Krishna says he already told Radha that its not a right time to shift to Golok, but couldn’t tell her directly, a time will come when they will punish Shankchurn for insulting Revati, abducting Gopis, and disrespecting Radha. Shankhachur demands to marry Gopis and ruin their lives. Gopis plead him not to do that. Balram tells Krishna they should go and punish Shankhachur. Krishna says there is till time for that and thinks he will wait till the right time arrives.

Devi Parvati return to Mahadev and says she doesn’t understand Krishna’s intention as he doesn’t want to return to Golok with Radha and doesn’t want to punish Shankhachur. Krishna tells Mahadev that Shankhachur’s pot of sin isn’t full yet, so he cannot end him. He recalls how he had beheaded Shankhachur before. Devi Parvati says she can understand that, but why Krishna is not rescuing Gopis from Shankhachur.

Gopis plead Shankhachur to spare them. Shankhachur abuses Gopis and says they are blind in Krishna’s love and he will clear their delusion. He drags a Gopi along. Gopi pleads Krishna for help. Krishna gets angry and punishes Shankhachur. Shankhachur shouts with headache. Gopis realize Krishna is helping them and warn Shankhachur to stop thinking about marrying them or else Krishna will punish him more. Shankhachur confines them.

Radha comforts Vaishnavi. Balram and Saambh say Krishna will save Gopis for sure. Shankhachur shows his crown to Shukracharya and asks if there is any problem in it that he felt severe headache. Shukracharya says crown is fine and Krishna punished him magically for touching his Gopis. Shankhachur asks how will he fulfill his wish of marrying all Gopis. Shukracharya says diamond of his crown is still powerful and he should kidnap Krishna’s dearest one. Shankhachur agrees. Krishna smiles hearing that.

Precap: Balram asks Saambh to guard Radha’s room. Shankachur kidnaps Vaishnavi.

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