RadhaKrishn 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Precap: Krishna Narrates A Story

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Mahadev stgeps on Apasmar to kill him. Krishna enters and requests Mahadev not to kill Apasmar. Mahadev says he and Krishna are separated from Devi Gauri and Radha because of Apasmar, so Apasmar should die. Krishna says its his deeds that will never unite him and Radha in this life. Mahadev stops. Devi Parvati and Krishna think Mahadev and Krishna would try to reach them. Devi Parvati says they will create their own world for themselves and changes things around them. Rukmini likes it. Radha says men wanted to celebrate navrati in a lavish way, so we women will celebrate it without men. She thinks Krishna never loved her fully, so they couldn’t marry yet. Krishna feels disheartened hearing that.

Mahadev tells Krishna that killing Apasmar is not his now, he wants to know why he can’t marry Radha. Krishna says its because of Rahu and Ketu’s that he can’t Radha. Shukracharya asks Rahu and Ketu what is the issue between them and Krishna. Rahu says let Krishna himself describe the story.

Krishna asks Mahadev to close his eyes and remember the story. Mahadv recalls the story and asks Krishna to describe it to the whole world. Krishna describes that rishi Durvasa had gifted Parijat flower garland to Devraj, but Devraj arrogantly threw it on his elephant which unable to tolerate flower smell stamped it in his feet; Rishi Durva cursed that all gods should without women. Devraj Indra apologizes Krishna for his mistake. Krishna says he should remember the story after that.

Devraj recalls losing a battle to asurs and being expelled from devlok. He with other gods seek Narayan’s help who says even he lost Laxmi because of Indra’s mistake. Indra asks him to tell him a solution to repent for his mistake. Narayan asks him to apologize asur who got irked because of his arrogance and waged war on him. Rahu and Ketu recall being sons of Shuracharya’s favorite asur he created.

Krishna says he will continue the story in some time and lights a lamp to respect all the women and mother nature. Radha makes Devi Gauri sit on a throne and perform her pooja followed by other ladies. Krishna continues story where Indradev with other gods visits asurs and apologizes them and Shukracharya. Shukracharya asks him to tell Narayan to apologize first or else forget indralok.

Precap: Mahadev refuses to lend Vasuki for manthan.
Krishna thinks why did Mahadev refuse.

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