RadhaKrishn 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna Describes Apasmar’s Story

RadhaKrishn 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha tells Krishna that just like women became mahadevi, even men should become maha purush. Krishna says she is right, but thinks she doens’t know about the upcoming trouble. Guru Shukracharya searches for Apasmar and orders his energies to find out Apasmar wherever he is. Rahu and Ketu discuss that Shukracharya will find out Apasmar for sure. Shukracharya reaches Apasmar and wakes him up. Apasmar shouts. Balram also senses an upcoming trouble and questions Krishna. Krishna says Apasmar woke up. Balram asks who is Apasmar and why can’t he stop Apasmar. Krishna informs that Apasmar is an asur who can hallucinate anyone and his presence destroys conscience as Apasmar was born because of a few rishi’s lack of knowledge.

Mahadev with Devi Gauri visits rishis and find out if they became arrogant because of their knowledge. They visit disguised as brahmins and seek charity from rishis. Rishi’s wife greet them and asks them to wait till she brings something for them. Arrogant Rishi stops his wife and humiliates brahmins for disturpting him while he is doing Mahadev’s pooja. He attacks brahmin with snakes. Brahmin calls Vasuki and shoos snakes away. Angry rishi creates asur Apasmar to destroy brahmins’ conscience. Devi Gauri loses her conscience and asks Mahadev who is he. Angry Mahadev sends Apasmar in deep sleep.

Krishna tells Balram that Apasmar woke up again and he will destroy everyone’s common sense. Balram says they need to do something, but Krishna asks him to just enjoy Mahadev’s dance for the time being forgetting everything. Radha also feels restless. Krishna informs her also about Apasmar’s entryand asks her also to forget everything and enjoy Mahadev’s dance. Devi Gauri joins Mahadev and dances with him. Everyone get happy seeing that and start dancing. Balram asks Krishna to dance with Radha. Krishna agrees and calls Radha for a dance. Radha says she doesn’t want to as she is feeling nervous and thinks something unusual will happen. Apasmar enters Krishna’s palace.

Precap: Devi Gauri stops dancing seeing Radha not dancing and walks away thinking Radha is still sad. Everyone experience Apasmar’s delusional effects on them.

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