RadhaKrishn 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Special Request For Mahadev

RadhaKrishn 21st September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mahadev and Devi Gauri dance. Everyone on earth dance seeing them dance. Krishna tells Radha that they should also dance. Radha says she is happy watching Mahadev and Devi Parvati’s dance, but she still feels anxious as something would happen. Krishna says its her imagination and says let us dance. Radha says she will go and do something else. Balram asks Krishna where did Radha go. Krishna says Radha is anxious because of Apasmar’s entry.

Apasmar notices women filling water at a lake bed and hypnotizes them. He says now they will forget good feelings for each other and hate each other. Women start fighting. Krishna seeks Subhadra’s help for Radha via telepathy. Subhadra desires to meet Radha and heads towards Dwarka. Krishna tells Balram that Apasmar’s evil hypnotic nature is affecting Radha as she is the most pious, so he has invited Subhadra to make Radha happy. Subhadra visits Dwarka and meets Radha. Radha feels happy seeing her. Subhadra says she felt like someone is calling her. Krishna says he felt Subhadra would be coming. Radha asks Subhadra if she will help her in navratri arrangements. Subhadra agrees and accompanies her. Krishna thinks he needs to make Radha experience love before Apasmar’s entry.

Devi Gauri stops dancing seeing Radha absent and walks away thinking Radha is still sad. Everyone stop dancing seeing that. Apasmar’s negative vibes affects women. Krishna requests Mahadev to dance for 9 days till navratiri enters to curb off Apasmar’s negative vibes and continue love in the world. Revati, Laxmana, Rukmini refuse to dance and walk away. Balram realizes its Apasmar’s negative vibe, he should stop Apasmar before he creates any more problem.

Radha with Subhadra starts preparing pot for navratri pooja. Krishna walks in. Radha tells Subhadra that she will go and let Krishna speak to Krishna. Subhadra says she came for Radha. Krishna says he cnanot tolerate his aradhya’s insult as his aradhya is dancing to maintain peace, but Radha doesn’t want to dance. Radha feels sad seeing Krishna sad. Subhadra suggests her to make Krishna happy. Radha agrees. Subhadra thinks where Balram must be. Balram searches for Apasmar and finds him spreading negative vibes. Shukracharya heads to meet Rahu Ketu to seek her help to kill Krishna.

Precap: Subhadra falls in water and seeks Krishna’s help. Krishna thinks Radha will help her instead and walks away. Radha helps Subhadra and thinks how can Krishna do this.

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