RadhaKrishn 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Apasmar to Obstruct Mahadev’s Dance?

RadhaKrishn 22nd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna looks at Radha hiding and thinks he knew Radha would come to convince him, but he has to act as angry on her till the morning. Radha calls him holding kheer. Krishna says she didn’t come when he called her, why did she come now. She say she didn’t mean to insult him or Mahadev and have brought kheer to please him. Krishna says he is interested in her kheer and walks away. Subhadra walks to Radha and asks if Krishna did not calm down. Radha says Krishna refused her kheer for the first time. Balram informs Krishna about Apasmar entering Dwarka and casting spells on women. Krishna says Shukracharya has sent Apasmar and Apasmar is heading towards Kailash to spoil Mahadev’s dance, but there is time for that. Balram asks what else Krishna has hidden from him. Krishna says a lot, so he will know everything.

Apasmar reaches Kailash and tells Shukracharya that he will spoil Mahadev’s dance soon. Shukracharya says he wants to spoil Krishna plan and praises Apasamr. Apasmar notices him and is about cast spell on him when Krishna sends his peacock feather and blurs the surrounding around Mahadev. Apasmar seeks Shukracharya’s help. Shukracharya fumes hearing that and says its Krishna’s magic and tries to find out Mahadev’s location with his black magic. Krishna tells Balram that he needs to make Radha happy by morning to stop Apasmar’s evil spells and for that Devi Parvati should be happy. He asks Balram to go and make Devi Parvati happy. Balram asks how can he make Devi Parvati happy when he cannot make even Revati happy. Krishna asks him to try.

Balram takes veil to Devi Parvati and explains her situation. Devi Parvati walks away saying she can’t accept his gift. Krishna wakes up Subhadra at midnight with his magic. Subhadra walks towards lake to relax herself. Radha searches for Subhadra and reaches lake. Krishna waiting for Radha throws a pebble towards Subhadra and makes her fall into water. Subhadra calls him for help, but he walks away. Radha rescues Subhadra and says she is amazed to see Krishna not helping his sister. Krishna thinks soon Radha will realize the relationship between him, Radha, and Subhadra.

Precap: Krishna apologizes Subhadra and Radha. Radha says he will not get forgiveness and will have to answer why he didn’t rescue Subhadra.

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