RadhaKrishn 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna Describes Relationship Between Him, Radha, And Subhadra

RadhaKrishn 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha rescues Subhadra from drowning in the river and asks if she is fine. She thinks how can Krishna do this. Krishna thinks soon Radha will realize the relationship between her, him, and Subhadra. Shukracharya thinks Krishna misguided Apasmar via his magic and stopped him from reaching Mahadev, he will not let Krishna make women as mahadev and men as mahapurush. Balram recalls Apasmar casting evil spills on women and hopes Mahadev’s dance/anand nritya continues for 9 days and Krishna’s plan succeeds.

Radha and Subhadra angrily search for Krishna to know why he didn’t rescue Subhadra from lake. Krishna kneels down in front of them and refuses to get up until they forgive him. Apasmar feels headache hearing Mahadev’s damru should and finds via his superpowers that Krishna tricked him. He thinks he will find Mahadev at any cost and cast spell on him to fail Krishna’s plan. Shukracharya shouts at Krishna seeing that.

Radha and Subhadra forgive Krishna. Krishna reveals that he and Radha have a relationship with Subhadra in their past life. Radha asks which life. Krishna thinks she forgot everything due to Apasmar’s evil spell. He describes a story when they were Ram and Seeta and Ravan had kidnapped Seeta. Rakshasis/evils trouble Seeta and taunt her that Ram will be defeated by Meghnadh today for sure. Trijata shows rakshasis and prays for Ram’s victory. Seeta thanks her and says she is a devi. Radha asks how is Subhadra related to this story. Krishna says in the latter part of the story and continues story where rakshasis bring a bridal attire for Seeta and lie to her that Megnadh defeated Ram and now she should marry Ravan.

Shukracharya tries to help Apasmar with his black magic. Balram prays Mahadev, but Mahadev busy in dance is unable to listen to him. Krishna’s feather returns clearing the protective barrier around Mahadev. Shukracharya asks Apasmar to head towards Mahadv’s damru sound. Apasmar says he can hear damru sound, its time to cast spell on Mahadev and fail Krishna’s plan.

Precap: Apasmar asks who will stop him. DEvi Gauri says Radha Krishna’s love. Apasmar says when Krishna’s magic couldn’t stop him, how will Krishna’s love stop him.

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