RadhaKrishn 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update

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Krishna continues to describe Seeta’s ordeal to Radha and Subhadra. Radha says she feels sorry for Devi Seeta and can feel Seeta’s pain. Subhadra says even she can feel Seeta’s pain and asks what happened after Seeta learnt that Meghnad won the battle and Ram lost it. Krishna says Devi Seeta collapsed after that. Seeta hopes Ram is fine. Ravan’s servants walk in with bridal dress and asks insist her to marry Ravan as Ram lost his battle. Trijata enters and shoos them away. She tells Seeta that she convinced Ravan to postpone wedding for a day. Seeta thanks her and asks her to meet Ram and relay her message to him about Ravan trying to marry her. Trijata says Ravan will not marry her as she saw a dream where Ram’s disciple Hamuman burns Lanka and rescues her. Seeta hopes her dream comes true.

Krishna notices Balram coming and walks to him. Balram shows Krishna’s magical feather and says his magic on Apasmar is destroyed, so he should do something before Apasmar reaches Mahadev. Krishna says they can stop Apasmar only by making Radha happy, he will continue his story and try to make her happy again, let him see if Apasmar’s evil spells will win or Radha Krishna’s love. Mahadev continues to dance. Nandi and bhootpret notice evil shadows covering Kailash and get tensed. Apasmar informs Shukracharya that he will reach Mahadev soon and spoil his dance. Rahu and Ketu discuss that Shukracharya will reach them soon and will defeat Krishna.

Krishna returns to Radha and Subhadra and continues Ram and Seeta’s story. Seeta prays Mahadev to fulfill Trijata’s dream and let Sri Ram win. Ravan’s servants return and ask Seeta why is she not yet ready. Trijata walks in and informs them to go and make arrangements for Meghnadh’s last rites as Laxmna killed him. Ravan and Ram’s faceoff starts. Ravan’s servants apologize Seeta knowing about Ravan’s defeat. Ram defeats Ravan and kills him. Ram and Seeta reunite. Laxman apologizes Seeta for failing to protect her. Seeta says truth wins always over evil and says Trijata supported her when she was alone.

Trijata falls on Ram and Seeta’s feet and says she is elated to see them together in this life. Ram seeks her wish. She wishes to be near Ram and Seeta in her next life. Ram blesses her.

Precap: Apasmar asks who will stop him. Devi Gauri says Radha Krishna’s love. Apasmar says when Krishna’s magic couldn’t stop him, how will Krishna’s love stop him.

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