RadhaKrishn 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Lobhasur manipulates Saambh

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The episode starts with Krodhasur/businessman humiliating Balaram that Krishn made him Senapati as he’s unfit to be Dwarkadhish and hence he(Krishn) can enjoy with Radha and his other wives. On hearing this an angry Balaram attacks Krodhasur while Radha asks Krishn to do something and stop them. Then the citizens, provoked by Krodhasur, blame Balaram for harming the businessman.

Balaram says he very well knows the responsibilities of a Senapati and asks Krodhasur/businessman to prove that he isn’t a good Senapati while Krodhasur casts his evil spell on him. A citizen stops Balaram when he again goes to attack Krodhasur out of anger, but a soldier supports Balaram and tells that this stupid businessman humiliated our senapati.

Radha asks Krishn to stop it but he replies that he can’t do anything now as when Senapati is unhappy then the kingdom won’t be happy. Balram warns Krodhasur that he will give him death penalty, if we comes in front of him again and walks away angrily. Revathi ask Balram what happened? He says he want to be alone and don’t want to talk to anyone. Revati thinks this may be because of that businessman. He then shouts on Revati as to can’t she understand that he needs to be alone? Revati walks away angrily. Balaram swears to punish Businessman for his insult. Saambh comes in and tells him not to decide anything in anger as citizens are along with Businessman. He then replies that he won’t lose to Businessman even when citizens are supporting him and he’s alone.

Krishn asks Radha that Balram is still in anger now and how he can acccompany her to Golok. Radha goes to talk with Balram. She tries to cool down Balaram but he asks her whether she has right to tell him, what’s right and what’s wrong, what he should do and what not?

They both continue to argue each other while Krishna interferes and orders silence. Radha goes away. Parvati tells Mahadev that she thought everything is fine and then RadhaKrishn will return the Golok, but there is a tension raised within the family. Mahadev says due to this Radha won’t think again about going back to Golok as Shukracharya has done his last attempt and this is all its result.

Shukracharya tells Shadripu that Krodhasur has done his job very well and now it’s time to send one more dosh. Shadripu summons Lobhasur. Shadripu orders Lobhasur to bring lobh (greed) in Dwarka. Lobhasur assures to do so.

In Dwarka, Radha recalls Balaram’s words in anger and when Krishna comes, she asks him,why did he interfere between her and Balram? Radha swears to cool down Balram’s anger. Krishna supports Radha and she tells the she knows how to cool everyone and then she’ll move back to Golok with him.

Lobhasur enters Dwarka and greets Saambh. He manipulates Saambh against Balram by telling him that Krishn’s priority is always Balram and not him and hence he won’t become Dwarkadhish. Shadripu tells Shukracharya that Lobhasur has brought greed in Saambh. They both then watch Saambh talking to Radha and demanding him to be the Senapati. Radha shocked, warns him to not speak like this, but Saambh denies and tells that Krishna always did injustice to him and demands that the place which is of Balram’s now was to be his in reality.

Shukracharya laughs seeing it and says it’s time for the third evilness to attack on Dwarka. Mohasur emerges. Shukracharya orders him to bring Moh in Dwarka.Mohasur says he knows on whom he should attack. Shukracharya thinks Krishn’s love will lose infront of Mohasur’s Moh. Krishn worries hearing that.

Precap: Rukmini tells Krishn that, she is his wife and Radha is her love interest. She then questions him as to whom among them he loves more.

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