RadhaKrishn 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Concern

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Rukmini prays Mahadev and says she thought Dwarka is problem free after Shankhachur’s death, but now a new problem barged into Dwarka. She prays for Dwarka’s peace. Mohasur emerges on guru Shukracharya’s order. He disguises himself as an old man and provokes Rukmini that Krishna never gave her a proper wife’s right and always prioritizes Radha over her. Rukmini gets teary eyed hearing that. Mohasur thinks he will enjoy seeing moh bitten Rukmini and Krodh bitten Radha’s fight.

Rukmini visits Krishna and says she can’t tolerate him ignoring her and prioritizing Radha always. Krishna tries to calm her down. Radha enters and asks Rukmini what is wrong if Krishna prioritizes her. Rukmini says she is Krishna’s wife and Radha is his love interest, the world always respects a wife more than a love interest. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Shukracharya is playing a dirty game towards Krishna by sending Krodhasur, Lobhasur, and Mohasur to influence Krishna’s family; she feels bad for Krishna. Mahadev says Krishna chose it on himself and he can just say in the end, truth will win as always.

Shukracharya praises Krodhasur, Lobhasur, and Mohasur’s act. He invites Kamasur, Madasur, and Matsaryasur and orders them to visit Dwarka and destroy it further as that is the only way to kill Krishna. Krodhasur, Lobhasur, and Mohasur rejoice seeing Dwarka citizens fighting and looking sad. Kamasur, Madasur, and Matsaryasur visit them and praise their work. They say they will start their take and destroy Dwarka completely.

Radha lights diwali lamp. Rukmini gets jealous seeing that and accuses that she always tries to snatch her right. Their argument starts. Saambh argues with Balram under Lobhasur’s influence. Balram gets angry under Kroddhasur’s influence. Revati supports Saambh. Balram gets angry on her. Krishna feels sad seeing his citizens and family bitten by Sadripu’s 6 evil natures and thinks if he would be able to get them all out of it or not. A lamp fickers. Radha helps him protect a lamp. Devi Gauri notices that and hopes Krishna fails Shukracharya evil plan and saves Dwarka and his family.

Precap: Krishna meets Shukracharya. Shukracharya says its their first and last meeting. Sadripu’s 6 sins attack Krishna.

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