RadhaKrishn 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna Challenges Sadripu

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Krishna thinks there is away to defeat Shadripu and knows about it. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev if Krishna will fight with Shadripu. Mahadev says his aradhya will fight but not defeat Shadripu, he has planned something which Shukracharya and his asurs wouldn’t have thought of. Krishna notices his dwarka bitten by Sadripu’s 6 evil natures. Guru Shukracharya says Dwarka is bitten by Moha, Lobh, Krodh, Kaam, Madh, and Matsarya and asks all 6 of them that they can easily kill Krishna now.

Krishna walks to them. They feel happy seeing Krishna and discuss that they will end Krishna and start Kalyug. They challenge Krishna that his Dwarka is bitten by their evilness, he cannot do anything. Krishna says they all have gone blind in arrogance. They all 6 attack him, but nothing happens to Krishna. Shukracharya is shocked to see that. All 6 ask Krishna why their attack is not affecting him. Krishna asks them to take him to Sadripu. They think if Krishna has gone mad that he wants to face Sadripu. Sadripu orders them to bring Krishna.

Radha feels something unusual will happen. Krishna visits Sadripu and Shukracharya and says at last he met Shukracharya. Shukracharya says their first meeting would be his last meeting as Sadripu will kill him and let Kalyug hover over the world, Krishna will be blamed for all the evilness on earth. Krishna asks if he is sure that kalyug will arrive on earth. Sadripu says as per fate, Kalyug will arrive once Krishna dies and Dwaparyug ends.

Krishna says Shukracharya has a defect because of which he couldn’t win over him, even Sadripu has a defect, because of which they both can’t defeat him. Sadripu says let us see who will win and who will lose. He absorbs all his 6 evil natures and attacks Krishna. Nothing happens to Krishna, and cave starts breaking instead. Shukracharya says Krishna is a sorcerer, so Sadripu should attack him more strongly. Krishna says Sadripu’s power can’t harm him as his heart is pure and says he wants to give Sadripu a chance to reform himself.

Sadripu says though his energy cannot harm Krishna, he can destroy whole mankind with his energies. He throws fire on earth. Krishna says he wants to give one more chance to Sadripu to change and if he fails to clear humanity from all 6 defects in a day, he himself will accept defeat and return to him. Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that Krishna has planned something to defeat Sadripu. Kali gives more powers to Sadripu and his 6 evil natures to kill Krishna. Krishna returns to Dwarka and feels sad seeing it destroyed and

Precap: Krishna tells Radha that he knew she would come to help him. They both pray bansuri ending Sadripu’s 6 defects.

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