RadhaKrishn 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahadev and Apasmar’s Battle

RadhaKrishn 28th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna warns Apasmar that Mahadev is angry and if he loses control, Apasmar knows its consequences. Apasmar mocks Mahadev asks if Mahadev will punish him by playing damru or by dancing. Mahadev gets angry hearing that. Indradev asks him to calm down as he himself suggested to handle the issue sensitively. Mahadev says he suggested to give any culprit a chance to reform and when the culprit doesn’t, its necessary to punish him. Apasmar challenges Krishna that devi Parvati will forget Mahadev’s good memories and Radha will forget Krishna’s. Mahadev challenges Apasmar to dare try to mislead Parvati. Krishna thinks Mahadev’s anger will destroy not only Apasmar but also many other innocent things.

Saambh searches for Laxmana and doesn’t find her in place. Guards inform him that all the ladies have left the place and heading somewhere. Apasmar and Mahadev’s battle starts. Mahadev starts rudra tandav. Apasmar seeks Shukracharya’s help. Shukracharya’s powers fail in front of Mahadev’s superpowers. Rahu and Ketu request him to free them so that they can help him, but he refuses to do so.

Saambh follow all the ladies. Climate changes due to the battle between Mahadev and Apasmar. Balram asks Krishna to help Saambh reach the ladies. Krishna says he can’t leave Mahadev alone. Radha tells her team that they should stop a few men following them. Devi Gauri uses her superpowers and says now men will not disturb them. Shukracharya seeks all asuri powers and transfers them to Apasmar. Apasmar tells Mahadev that he cannot defeat him as has asuri powers now.

Precap: Apasamr unable to bear Maahdev’s damru sound and rudra tandav seeks Shukracharya’s help. Krishna suggests Mahadev to use rudra tandav to its peak. Mahadv throws trishul towards Aspasmar.

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