RadhaKrishn 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahadev Destroy’s Apasmar’s Asuri Powers

RadhaKrishn 29th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna informs Balram that Shukracharya is supplying all asuri powers to Apasmar to defeat Mahadev, but he is sure Mahadev’s divine powers and Devi Gauri’s love for him will defeat Apasmar. Saambh notices fire stopping him from following women who left the palace. He asks guards to find a way to reach the women somehow while he informs Krishna and Balram about it. He visits Krishna and Balram and informs them a whole story. Krishna says Apasmar’s evil spells has made women do this and explains whole story. Balram agrees to help Saambh. Krishna gives his bansuri/flute to Balram to locate women. Balram says he doesn’t know to use it. Krishna says just like Mahadev’s damru plays without his presence, even bansuri will play without Krishna’s presence.

Mahadev’s damru sound destroys Apasmar’s evil asuri powers. Rahu and Ketu asks Shukracharya to free them so that they can help Apasmar. Shukracharya refuses to do that and blocks a cave in which women take a shelter in. Balram accompanies Saambh and realizes that a fire is created by superpowers, so they can’t set it off. He seeks Samudradev’s help who sets off fire and says he is always happy to help Krishna and his brother.

Mahadev continues to play bansuri. Apasmar unable to bear its sound seeks Shukracharya’s help. Mahadev angrily throws his trishul towards Apasmar and destroys all asuri powers. Shukracharya is shocked to see that and shouts its impossible. Balram uses Krishna’s bansuri locate women and follows it. Shukracharya shouts he will fail Krishna’s plan at any cost and visits Rahu and Ketu who promise to create troubles in Krisha’s life and force him to lose again.

Precap: Rakhu and Ketu’s powers protect Apasmar.
Apasmar challenges Mahadev again. Mahadev raises his trishul to kill Apasmar. Krishna thinks he needs to stop Mahadev from killing Apasmar.

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