RadhaKrishn 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna Rescues Saambh And Balram

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Rahu and Ketu promise Shukracharya to ruin Krishna’s plan and put him into troubles. Shukracharya asks them to mislead Balram and Saambh and stop them from reaching Radha and other women. Rahu and Ketu create Radha’s illusion with their evil gaze. Krishna’s bansuri stops. Balram and Saambh notice Radha’s illusion and follow her. It leads them to a magical cave. Illusiosn disappears and they are trapped in a cave. Rahu and Ketu laugh saying Balram and Saambh can never get out of cave. Balram tries hard to break cave door, but fails. Smoke emerges suffocating them. Rahu praises Ketu for troubling the enemies.

Shukracharya says he can’t waste his time watching their drama, he wants them to help Apasmar defeat Mahadev. Saambh starts suffocating and pleads Krishna for help. Krishna thinks he needs to stay there to control Mahadev’s anger, but then gives up hearing Saambh’s plea and goes to help him. Shukracharya praises Rahu Ketu for forcing Krishna to leave Mahadev alone. Rahu Ketu with their evil powers protect Apasmar from Mahadev’s damru sound.

Krishna reaches the spot and notices his bansuri. He picks it and thinks played this bansuri for Radha so many times and now is love for Radha will save Saambh and Balram. He recalls all the moments he spent with Radha and breaks an illusion around Saambh and Balram. He then relives Saambh and says he will protect his son whenever his son is in trouble. Balram and Saambh explain all the incident happened. Krishna says its done by Rahu and Ketu to mislead them and promises to find Radha and other ladies soon.

Shukracharya asks Rahu Ketu to stop Krishna. Rahu Ketu ask him not to worry as Apasmar will win over Mahadev without Krishna’s presence. Apasmar challenges Mahadev that his energy is increasing and soon evil will win over good. Krishna sense the situation and rushes back towards Mahadev. Mahadev lose his control on anger and picks his trishul. Krishna plays bansuri to calm down Mahadev. He plays damruu again and stgeps on Apasmar to kill him. Krishna thinks Apasmar’s end cannot happen so soon or else there would be a big disaster happening.

Precap: Krishna stops Mahadev from killing Mahadev.
Mahadev says Apasmar separated them from Radha and Devi Gauri. Krishna says its not Apasmar’s mistake, its his deeds that separated him from Radha.

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