RadhaKrishn 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi Garg To Witness Radha Krishna’s Love Story

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Krishna looks at Mahabharath scripture and recalls Rishi Vedyas gifting him the scipture and seeking his opinion as he poured all his knowledge in it. Radha walks to Krishna and asks if he knew about Rishi Vedvyas and Rishi Garg’s visit. Rishi Vedvyas enters, apologizes Krishna for disturbing him and requests him to describe his opinion about it. Krishna says there is something missing in it. Rishi Vedvyas recalls all the chapters he wrote and says chapter of devotion is missing in it. He thanks Krishna for guiding him and leaves.

Radha asks Krishna what will happen to their love story. Krishna says their love story will be immortal. Radha asks if Rishi Vedvyas would be writing one more scripture, what would be the name of it. Krishna smiles. Next morning, in courtyard, Krishna announces that rishi Vedvyas will write a scripture named Srimadh Bhagvatam. Rishi Vedvyas happily agrees and briefs what would he write. Krishna then announces that Rishi Garg will write a scripture describing Radha Krishna’s love story and it would be named Garg Sanhita. Rishi Garg refuses to write it as he hasn’t witnessed their love story from his eyes.

Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that Rishi Garg doesn’t know what he is rejecting. Devi Gauri says its not Krishna leela, but someone else’s. Radha stops Rishi Garg and thanks him for refusing to write Radha Krishna’s love story. Rishi Garg says she mad him do a sin by rejecting Krishna’s request. Radha assures him not to worry about it and thanks him again. Krishna hears them and says he knew its Radha’s plan. Radha reminds him his words earlier that they can experience a whole life’s love in a few moments.

Radha takes Krishna at Golok’s door and says she wants to experience the moment they first met in Golok and describe their love story. He agrees. She says since she is elder to him, he should obey her. Krishna agrees. They both express their love for each other. Mahadev thinks he is lucky to witness Radha Krishna’s love story from the beginning via rishi Garg’s scripture.

Radha Krishna visit Rishi Garg to assist him write their love story. Rishi Garg says he is lucky to listen to their love story. Radha Krishna say even Balram will be part of their love story. Balram rejoices. Rishi Garg asks Krishna to write a first letter of the scripture. Krishna writes his and Radha’s name on a first page of Garg Sanhita. They both then describe their love story where Radha watches Krishna for the first time in market doing a mischief and falling his love. She desires to meet him. They both describe each other’s qualities they are proud of and desire to meet soon.

Precap: Radha’s friends inform her that her dream prince has returned. Radha happily goes to meet Krishna. Krishna plays hide and seek with her.

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