RadhaKrishn 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna Meets Radha As Gopadevi

RadhaKrishn 3rd November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha waits for her friends and thinks its already sunset, but her friends haven’t come yet. Friends return with gifts for Radha. Radha says she would have herself bought gifts from market. Friends say they got it from mela and she would look beautiful. Radha refuses to accept their gift. Friends thinks where is the veena player. Krishna disguised as a woman veena player walks in and asks Radha how is she. She says she is fine and asks who is she. Krishna describes himself in detail and says she is Gopadevi.

Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that Krishna found a midway to meet Radha and says he wants to hide his and Balram’s identity till he can meet Radha as himself. Gopadevi says she is waiting for her elder brother. Balram walks in wearing moustache and stands emotional seeing Radha. He greets her and says she reminds him of his younger sister. He asks her name. Radha says her name is Radha. Gopadevi starts her drama and refuses to play veena. Balram tries to convince her and says Radha will get angry else. Gopadevi only he knows how to please Radha.

Gopadevi plays veena. Radhas’ friends gets mesmerized with the music and start dancing. Vrishbhan and Kirtida also enjoy music. Radha gets mesmerized nextand starts dancing. Gopadevi/Krishna feels very happy and wlaks to her. She stops Radha. Radha imagines Krishna touching her. Radha gets drowsy while dancing and is about to fall when Gopadevi holds her. After some time, Radha opens eyes and finds Kirtida and her friends sitting around her. Friends say she frightened them, earlier she didn’t want to participate and then she danced so well that she fell unconscious. They ask her to rest now and walk away. Radha thinks she felt Krishna’s presence while she was dancing.

Gopadevi asks Vrishbhan how is Radha now. Vrishhbhan says she is fine now and requests them to have food and then go. Balram agrees, but Gopadevi says they have set up a shop in mela and should returnto take care of it. Vrisbhan says as she wishes. Balram asks Krishna if he really wants to go as he came here with great difficulty to meet Radha. Krishna says he came here with a reason. Kirtida informs Vrishbhan that Radha is conscious now. Krishna says his task is over now and leaves. Vrishbhan walks to Radha. Radha asks about Gopadevi. Vrisbhan says she left. Radha rushes to Gopadevi and hugs her. A bright light emerges around them and reaches sky. Radha asks why she looks so special, who is she.

Precap: Balram asks Krishna why he doesn’t want to stay at Radha’s place. Krishna says he doesn’t want Kans mama to know about his presence there.

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