RadhaKrishn 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna Describes Story of Samudra Manthan

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Guru Shukracharya asks Indradev that if he needs indralok back, he should ask Narayan to apologize him with a bent head. Indradev gets angry and warns that Narayan will not apologize him. Shukracharya’s favorite asur Swarna Bhanu walks to Indradev and says he has a proposal. Shukracharya stops him and says maybe Narayan sent gods with a conspiracy. Swarna Bhanu says let him explain his offer and says asurs will return return devlok and all the luxuries to gods in exchange of amrit kalash. Indradev refuses. Swarna Bhanu asks them to return to Vishnu who will give them some plan as he must be feeling frustrated without Laxmi.

Krishna says because of Swarna Bhanu’s desire for immortality, he and Radha couldn’t unite till now. Balram asks why Swarna Bhanu wants to achieve immortality. Krishna says due to give to live forever. Shukracharya gets angry on Swarna Bhanu for going against him and proposing a deal to devtas without consulting him beforehand. Swarna Bhanu says if they get immortal, they can achieve anything and destroy gods; even Shukrachya can easily achieve his goal if he is immortal. Shukracharya likes his idea.

Narayan agrees to offer immortality to Swarna Bhanu if he asurs return devlok to devtas. Gods get tensed hearing that. Narad asks how will this happen. Narayan gathers asurs and devtas and says they should perform samudra manthan if they want to get amrith out of the ocean. Shukracharya asks how will they perform samudra manthan. Narayan says by churning mandar mountain into ocean using Mahadev’s Vasuki snake. Devtas agree. Narayan sends Indradev and other devtas to Mahadev to lend Vasuki, but Mahadev refuses it saying Narayan can use Seshnag instead.

Asurs reach Narayan and fume seeing him resting peacefully. Narayan opens eyes and welcomes them. Devtas return and inform that Mahadev refused to lend Vasuki. Krishna says he will lend his seshnag then. Seshnag agrees. Narayan says he wanted to increase Mahadev’s respect when he wears Vasuki again in his neck, but since Mahadev is not ready, he will leave his place and lend Seshnag. Mahadev appears and says he can’t tolerate his aradhya leaving his seat, so he will lend Vasuki but with a condition that gods should get a chance to get the first item they get from samudra manthan. Gods disagree and say they should get a chance first. Narayan says he should get a chance first as samudra manthan is his idea. Mahadev says in that case, he should get a chance first as he is lending Vasuki.

Shukracharya tells Rahu Ketu that Krishna got greedy during samudra manthan and now greedy for Radha. Rahu Ketu describe how Mahadev convinced him to choose whenever he finds a thing he likes and not the first one. Asurs agree to the Mahadev and Narayan’s terms.

Precap: Gods demand to consume amrith first.
Narayan in Mohini avatar gricks asurs and gives amrith to gods. Swarna Bhanu consumes amrith disguised as a devta.

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