RadhaKrishn 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Swarbhanu Urges Shukracharya To Stop Samudra Manthan

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Narayan asks Devtas who will guide devtas during samudra manthan. Gods choose Devraj Indra. Shukracharya chooses Swarbhanu from asur’s side. Narayan informs Samudra dev that devtas and asurs will perform samudra manthan to get jewels and precious items from samudra and its done to prevail a good knowledge. Mahadev requests Narayan to start manthan by fixing mandrachal mountain in the ocean/samudra. Narayan does same and asks Mahadev to send Vasuki now. Mahadev sends Vasuki to act as a rope for churning the mountain/manthan. Narayan asks Swarbhanu to choose if his team wants to hold Vasuki’s head or tail.

Devtas discuss that they should respect Narayan’s wish. Swarnbahu gets confused. Narayan says he had asked to let him take a decision and announces that asurs will hold tail and devtas will hold head. Swarbhanu objects and says asurs will hold head. Narayan asks if devtas have any problem with it. Devtas say they respect Narayan’s decision. Narayan says asurs and Devtas will get bear a fruit of their karmas during this manthan and asks devtas and asurs to head to their place.

Krishna continues to describe story and says the biggest event started. Rahu Ketu inform Shukracharya that Narayan tricked asurs and made them hold Vasuki’s head. Manthan starts. Moutain fails to move. Asurs and Devtas use more power to churn the mountain but fail. They accuse each other. Shhuracharya seeks Mahadev’s help. Mahadev says they should seek his aradhya Narayan’s help via his next avatar. Narayan turns into a tortoise and takes mountain on his back. Mahadev says Narayan’s this avatar will be called as kurma avatar.

Devtas and asurs are able to churn the mountain. Vasuki’s poison weakens asurs. Indradev says asurs chose to be on Vasuki’s face and are facing its consequences. Swarbhanu complains Shukracharya that Vishnu tricked them, so he should stop this manthan. Shukracharya says they can’t or else they will be considered defeated and Devtas will take away all the jewels. Manthan continues.

Balram asks Krishna what happened next. Krishna says devtas and asurs tried hard to get amrith/elixir of life, they should listen to one more story before listening to manthan story. Mahadev says he knows what he means. Radha tells her women team that they don’t need men in their lives as men disrespected them, they will pray and become more powerful without men. Rukmini says she is right. Radha plays shank. Krishna informs that Radha played shank and started navratri paat. Balram and Mahadev say they couldn’t hear it. Krishna says that is because someone is stopping the sound from reaching them.

Rahu tells Shukracharya that he has created an illusion which will not let Krishna reach Radha or other women at any cost. Apasmar tells Mahadev that Devi Parvati, Radha, and any women in this world can’t hear any men and they think men only troubled them. Mahdev steps on him and raises his trishul to kill him.

Precap: Gods demand to consume amrith first.
Narayan in Mohini avatar gricks asurs and gives amrith to gods. Swarna Bhanu consumes amrith disguised as a devta.

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