RadhaKrishn 5th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahadev Consumes Halahal

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Krishna continues Samudra manthan story. He says both Devtas and asurs struggled hard to churn the mountain and got many jewels and precious stuff from the ocean/samudra, finally they realized amrith/elixir of life will emerge out soon. Both teams fight that they would consume amrith first. Mahadev says he will consume amrith first. Swarbhanu says Narayan tricked asurs already and let them bear Vasuki’s poison, he will not let Mahadev trick them. Halala emerges. A voiceover says its the most deadliest poison halahal and one has to consume it before amrith emerges.

Mahadev requests Narayan to let him consume halahal. Narayan says that is why he said he will consume whatever comes next. Mahadev says he didn’t want to lend Vasuki for the same reason, but since Narayan got adamant to lend Seshnag, he was helpless to give Vasuki. Narayan apologizes him. Mahadev says he can consume any poison of this world and picks halalal in his hands. Narayan seeks Devi Parvati’s help. Devi Parvati tells Mahadev that is life partner is always with him and she will stop halahal in his throat. Mahadev consumes halahal, and Devi Parvati keeps her hand over his throat and stops it there.

Narayan says Mahadev consumed halahal and saved the nature and Devi Parvati stopped it in Mahadev’s throat, hence Mahadev will be addressed as Neelkanth from hereon. Out of flashback, Krishna says Mahadev had to rest for years after consuming halahal and thanks Mahadev. Balram asks Krishna why did he let Mahadev consume it. Mahadev says there is a reason behind that. Krishna starts his Mohini avatar’s story.

Amrith emerges. Swarbhanu thinks he will consume it and become immortal. Devtas and asurs fight to consume amrith first. Mahadev asks Narayan to stop their fight. Narayan turns into a beautiful woman Mohini and entertaining asurs and devtas serves amrith to devtas first.

Precap: Mahadev kills Apasmar. Rahu says his next act will separate Radha and Krishna completely.

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