RadhaKrishn 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishna Describes About Kaal Sarpa Dosha In His Life

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Narayan’s Mohini avatar entertains devtas and asurs. Mohini mixes a sedative in asur’s drink and serves them. Devtas ask her to serve them also. Asurs feel highly inebriated and lose their conscience. Mohini says she will serve them all amrith now, but first to devtas. Asurs agree. Swarbhanu sensing Mohini’s plan disguises himself as devta and consumes amrith with devtas. Devtas inform Mohini that the man don’t seem to be a devta and looks like an imposter. Swarbhanu laughs and says he is not a devta. He turns back to asur Swarbhanu and says devtas can’t harm him as he is immortal now.

Mohini uses sudarshan chakra and beheads Swarbhanu. Devtas rejoice realizing that Mohini is Narayan’s avatar. Swarbhanu’s head and body separate, but he doesn’t die. Narayan says since Swarbhanu consumes amrith, he will never die. Swarbhanu complains that Narayan did injustice to him and asks if he can trick asurs, but asurs can’t trick him. Narayan accepts his mistake and gives him a boon that his head will be called Rahu and body as Ketu and they both will be heavy on his kundali forever. Shukracharya says that is why Rahu and Ketu don’t let Radha and Krishna unite. Krishna recalls all his avatar not uniting with Laxmi forever.

Apasmar apologizes Krishna for trying to separate Radha from Krishna. Krishna requets Mahadev to spare Apasmar. Indradev suggests not to spare Apasmar or else he will continue his evil spells on his everyone. Krishna says without ignorance, the world cannot understand the value of knowledge. Mahadev performs tandav nritya and plays damru, due to which Apasmar feels severe headache. Krishna thinks Mahadev’s tandav nritya will break a spell on Radha and will make her realize his love for her.

Devi Parvati describes how she killed Mahisasur. Radha says that is why she is called Mahisasura vardhini. Devi Parvati says women never harm anyone unnecessarily. Revati says they should find out the reason for their problem. Krishna thinks Mahadev’s damru will end whole ignorance from the world. Radha, Devi Parvati, and other ladies realize their husbands’ love for them and feel guilty for disrespecting them. Parvati thinks she cannot express her love for Mahadev to Radha until Radha realizes her love for Krishan. Radha thinks same. Mahadev ends Apasar’s ignorance. Krishna says Apasmar is not dead yet. Mahadev describes the importance of true love to end ignorance from the world.

Precap: Rahu and Ketu bring kaal sarp dosha in Krishna’s kundali.

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