RadhaKrishn 7th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Krishan Determines To Find Radha And Other Females

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Krishna reminds devtqas that though Mahadev ended Apasmar, the battle hasn’t yet ended. He says whenever they face a war between ignorance and knowledge, its up to them whether to choose Natraj/Mahadev or Apasmar. He salutes Mahadev’s Natraj avatar. Shukracharya fumes seeing Natraj ending Apasmar and asks Rahu and Ketu what will they do now as Radha remembers Krishna’s love for her. Rahu says its not yet over and to just wait and watch.

Ganesh visits Devi Gauri and others and discusses his ordeal with Devi Gauri. Devi Gauri says today will be remembered as a day of her and her son. Ganesh feels happy and leaves saying he can peacefully sleep now.

Devi Gauri feels sad for disrespecting Mahadev. Radha asks her reason for crying. Devi Gauri says she suggested women to establish their own world away from men, but today she realized that Mahadev was never the reason behind his happiness and she misunderstood him. Radha says even Krishna never hurt her and she feels guilty for ignoring Krishna’s love.
Devi Gauri asks what shall they do now. Radha says they shall return to Krishna and Mahadev. Devi Gauri asks where is Krishna.

Krishna discusses wit his team that they will search for their partners and would not stop until they find them. Rahu establishes kaal sarpna dosha in Krishna’s kundali and tells Shukracharya that Radha and Krishna will never reunite now. Krishna tells Balram that they shall find Radha as soon as possible. Rukmini tells women that they should forget their problems created by men. DEvi Gauri tells Radha that they realized that Mahadev and Krishna are not reason for their sorrows, but these women still think their husbands are the reason for their sorrows. Radha says they should get them out of ignorance. Radha and Devi Gauri explain how they misunderstood their husbands and suggest to return back to their husbands.

Balram, Saambh, and Krishna continue to search for them. Rukmini recalls Krishna’s love for her. Radha says they will celebrate navratri with their husband. Revati says they don’t know where they are. Devi Gauri says they created this magical illusion and themselves can break it and reunite with their husbands. Rahu and Ketu notices magical illusion breaking and protect it. Krishna notices a protective dme and rushes towards it. Rahu and Ketu invite 9 grahas and says they need all 9 grahas to do whatever they are thinking.

Precap: Rahu and Ketu plan to end Krishna to stop him from meeting Radha.

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