Rajjo 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Urvashi finds Kalindi with Rocky

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The Episode starts with Arjun saying the phone is switched off. Chirag says I think Vicky did this intentionally. Vicky scolds his friends and winks to them. They apologize to Rajjo. Vicky says go away now. Chirag says I will go and check them once, you got haldi, you can’t go. Arjun says no, we both won’t go, I will never go after Rajjo now. Chirag says I thought you will worry for her and will get peace knowing she is fine. Arjun says no, her mum is with her, I have no worry. He eats the food in a rush. Chirag says I wish your worry is baseless and she is fine. Madhu makes Arjun and Urvashi warm their hands for a dark mehendi. Mannu applies mehendi to Rajjo. Vicky sees her and says make a heart and arrow on my hand with our names, sangeet is also there, hurry up now. Mannu says yes, we have to go temple also. Vicky says my friends are coming for a party. Mannu says I m so happy. Urvashi looks for her mum. She is shocked seeing Rocky hugging Kalindi and getting romantic. Kalindi sees Urvashi. Urvashi goes away to Chirag.

Kalindi stops her. Vicky and his friends have a talk. Vicky says I have to marry Rajjo, he paid me much money, I will get more money when I get rid of her, don’t bother much, I have to do this marriage, then it will save me, it will happen as I want. Kalindi says let me explain. Urvashi scolds her. Kalindi says you may find it wrong. Urvashi says it was wrong, I can’t cheat this family, Arjun loves Chirag a lot, what will Chirag go through that you are cheating him. Kalindi says don’t judge me. Urvashi says I will tell this to everyone. Kalindi says if you tell this to them, then I will tell Arjun about Rajjo, Vicky is a girls trafficker, he is a criminal, once I tell this to Arjun, then he will run to save Rajjo. Urvashi stops her. Arjun thinks is Rajjo is in problem. Sia comes to call him. Pushkar jokes about marriage. Kartik and everyone laugh. Pushkar says Arjun came late, but still on time. Jhilmil says I m ready to dance. Chirag jokes and attacks him with a water gun. They laugh. Urvashi’s dad asks why are you worried, is there marriage stress, have some drink, just relax. Urvashi’s mum says don’t make her worry, Pratap is looking for you. Urvashi says you don’t know what’s happening here. Her mum says let it be, Arjun is marrying you. She takes Urvashi to Arjun. He compliments Urvashi. She says I will look stunning in the marriage. They all see Madhu’s stunning entry. Madhu says its my son’s function today. She dances on chalka re… Mannu says Rajjo, make good memories, Vicky is my first choice for you. Vicky and his friends get two girls there. Vicky thinks just tonight, then I will send you across the border tomorrow.

Rajjo and Arjun meet in the park. He says we are getting married on the same day. She thanks him and they become friends. They hug. Arjun is marrying Urvashi. Rajjo comes and stops his marriage. She says you are my husband. Arjun and his family are shocked.

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