Rajjo 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun cares for Rajjo

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The Episode starts with Madhu saying don’t know where did Rajjo go. Jhilmil asks did she go to Arjun’s room. Madhu gets angry. Pushkar says now Rajjo met her mum, I will make arrangements for them to go to their village. Mannu refuses to take his help. Rajjo says we will go on our own. Pushkar says I will drop you both to the bus stop, come. Arjun says I won’t let Rajjo go in this state. Mannu sees the blood marks on Rajjo’s clothes and worry. Madhu apologizes to Jhilmil. He says its not my anger, but fear, its not just about Arjun, but this family’s respect, I have to think of everyone, even of Urvashi, Arjun is lying to everyone and not valuing Urvashi since Rajjo came, think what will happen if this news goes out. She says I m worried that our family will lose the respect. Jhilmil says you are right. Madhu says Rajjo and Arjun are missing, what’s happening. Rajjo gets fainting. Mannu hugs her. Arjun scolds Rajjo. He says we will go to doctor.

Pushkar says its okay, I will take her, it’s a little injury. Arjun says no, its not a joke, we will go home, I can’t tolerate that her life falls in danger, come home. Rajjo says no. He asks her to just come. Pushkar gets angry. Kalindi says Arjun went out, he has come back, not alone, he got your enemy along. Madhu and Jhilmil go and see Rajjo and Mannu. Arjun takes care of Rajjo. Madhu gets angry and goes. Mannu says you are hurt because of us, your family is annoyed with you, they are also right, we will leave tomorrow, you already did a lot for us, without any relation, thanks. He asks her to just bless him, Rajjo will get fine. Rajjo says it happens what he says, he said we will find you, so we found you. Arjun smiles. He goes to talk to Madhu. She is angry. He gives her water and says we will talk tomorrow morning. Urvashi and her mom have a talk. She says I like Arjun a lot, he is a good person, he is perfect for me, I don’t want to do anything that makes me away from him, I have dreamt of becoming his wife, I don’t want to lose him, so I stayed quiet, you don’t do anything. Her mom asks are you scared of that girl. Urvashi says no, I m scared of Arjun, he always helps people, I didn’t see him worrying for someone so much, I m worried, how shall I save my love and this relation’s future. Mannu hugs Rajjo and talks to her. Rajjo feels the pain.

Mannu says it happened because of your running. Rajjo shows the medal. Mannu cries. Rajjo says I have shown this medal, so we found you, I m happy you have won this medal, you can tell me whenever you want, running isn’t bad, we found each other. Mannu says we will go to our village now. Rajjo says no, I don’t want to go back to the village. Urvashi comes to Arjun. She says you are taking this for Rajjo, you are working hard for her sake, you never did this for me. He says I m genuinely sorry, trust me, I will send Rajjo when she gets fine. She asks are you sure, you got her back, I m not sure. He says I can understand how you are feeling. She asks him to feel her pain. She says I stopped you, you didn’t listen to me. He says don’t get adamant that I walk away helplessly, I was taking this juice for mum. Urvashi asks whose mum, I understand, Rajjo’s name is Manorama, you can call her aunty. He goes. She says I wish that girl recovers and goes away soon. Mannu says we will go to village. Rajjo says there won’t be anything left for us there, I have seen the broken boat. Mannu says village will get set again. Rajjo says we will stay in Lucknow and work here, I also want to win a medal like you, we got Arjun and Pushkar here, they will help us, Arjun calls Pushkar an angel. Mannu scolds her. Rajjo says you answer me or start a new life.

Rajjo asks Pushkar to get some job for her and Mannu. Mannu says Rajjo has to go to the village, for her marriage with Vicky. Urvashi smiles. Rajjo worries. Arjun runs to Rajjo. Madhu shuts the door.

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