Rajjo 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo and Vicky’s marriage

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The Episode starts with Pushkar coming home and meeting Dada ji and Pratap. He says I was worried, is everything fine. Pratap says yes. Rajjo comes and greets. Pushkar asks are you ready to go back. She says help me. He says sure. She says get some work for me and my mum in this city, we are hardworking and honest. He asks why do you want to stay here, go back to village and do farming. She says no, I decided to stay here, everything is ruined in the village, I don’t get any work there. He says you aren’t educated to get a job. She says yes, but I have willingness to work, I heard the girls saying they earn money and send it home, the city shows dreams and also gives a chance to fulfil it, I want to be on my feet. Mannu comes and scolds her. Rajjo says she always scolds me, get me a job. He says listen to your mum, you can’t tolerate the weather. Rajjo says we will tolerate, just get some work for me. Arjun says I will get work for you. Rajjo says just give me one chance, I will do it my way. He says I know, take rest.

Dada ji says fine then, when you have decided to fly high, then its good, take care of your health. Rajjo smiles. Pushkar stares at Mannu. Mannu stops Rajjo. Rajjo says we met after a long time, let it be now, you don’t answer me anything about my father and that medal, I m not a kid now, I understand things, you aren’t ready to understand. Mannu cries. Rajjo says fine, you don’t tell me anything, I won’t ask, don’t lie that you didn’t like to run, else you would have thrown the medal. Madhu and Pratap argue with Arjun. Chirag comes to support Arjun. Madhu says Pushkar would have handled them, but Arjun has to interfere. Arjun says they can work in kindergarden, they can stay here in our outhouse till then. Jhilmil asks what, amazing. Madhu says they won’t stay here. Urvashi says I m staying there, where will I stay then. He says you can stay in my house. Kalindi taunts. Arjun says I m trying to do good, you all don’t have any good intentions, sorry, I feel bad that I have to explain this to you, I m not angry, but upset, you are misunderstanding me, don’t do this.

Madhu says where there is Ram, there is Raavan too, your goodness and truth can’t stay in front of evil, these people will backbite you, they don’t care for your greatness. Arjun goes. Madhu thinks you will regret. Rajjo asks really, did I get a job. Arjun says yes. She says I want to do something big and make everyone proud. He says I feel proud when a person decides to do something, you will walk on the right path. She says I will run when you are together. Mannu comes and says I don’t think this will happen. Kaka comes and meets them. Arjun greets and says I have met him. Mannu says Vicky has also come. Rajjo smiles and says you got slim now. He says you also got pretty now. Mannu says he came here looking for us. Vicky says I didn’t know Rajjo is here in Lucknow, else I would have kept her with me. Mannu says he is Kaka’s grandson, he is a decent guy. Arjun says nice. Mannu says we will go to village now. He says Rajjo wants to make her future here. She says Rajjo has to go to village, because her marriage is fixed with Vicky. Vicky smiles. They get shocked. Arjun says this marriage. Madhu says this girl got blessed, she got everything. Arjun asks Rajjo do you want to say something. She says yes. Madhu asks her to tell it to her mum. She asks Arjun to not say in their personal matter. She leaves with Urvashi. She says I can’t imagine anyone else than you. Urvashi smiles. Arjun sees Rajjo. Vicky jokes on Rajjo. Arjun says leave all this, she will do it, come, we will go downstairs. Vicky asks Rajjo to come soon. Arjun says sit and decide what to do. He wishes Rajjo goes against her mum this time. She nods. He leaves. Rajjo asks how can you do this with me, you fixed my marriage without asking me, I won’t do this marriage, I have nothing in my heart for Vicky. Arjun thinks this guy is strange, I didn’t see truth in his eyes. Vicky gets a call. He goes. Mannu scolds Rajjo. Rajjo says I don’t want to marry, I don’t want to go back to Lucknow, Arjun got a job for us, you ruined everything, why. Mannu recalls Pushkar’s words. She says you have to do this marriage.

Rajjo leaves from the house. Madhu shuts the door. Arjun runs to Rajjo.

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