Rajjo 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo and Mannu’s farewell

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The Episode starts with Mannu scolding Rajjo and asking her to marry Vicky. Rajjo says I don’t want to marry. Mannu asks will you stay alone, go out and see the evil men in the world, a man is needed for a woman’s security, accept Vicky as your groom. Pushkar gives money to Vicky. Vicky says I m thinking to do good business. Pushkar says take Manorama and Rajjo to the village, do anything with Rajjo. Vicky says I have given you my word, trust me. Pushkar warns him and leaves. Arjun sees Vicky and asks what are you doing. Vicky makes an excuse. Rajjo argues with Mannu. She says I don’t want to make the same mistake, situation changes with time, a person shouldn’t lose interest, I want to try to bring good days for you. Mannu says I feel cheated, you aren’t my innocent Rajjo now. Rajjo asks her to encourage her and try to support her, why is she afraid. Mannu says I m scared for your marriage, I m your mum, you have to marry Vicky, then you can stay in the city and do anything, do a job and fulfil dreams, everything will get fine.

Rajjo says I didn’t see you so tensed before. Mannu says I love you a lot, I won’t wish bad for you, you will do anything you want but after marrying Vicky, its my last decision. Rajjo says its wrong. Mannu says its right to save you from the wrong. Urvashi says no one will come between us, I got my Arjun back, we will plan our honeymoon in US. Arjun says yes, I will talk to mum, but not today. She says no problem. He says Rajjo was my responsibility, I fulfilled it, now we will talk about us. She says you are so good, I can’t share you with anyone. He says this won’t happen. She says I love you baby. He says I know, me too. She says I will meet you later. She goes. Chirag sees Arjun. Pratap jokes seeing Madhu. She says I m not stone hearted, I have no problem with Rajjo, but I want to protect Arjun from her. He asks her to calm down. She says Urvashi and Arjun will keep the house united, unlike Chirag and Kalindi, if Arjun gets deviated from the path, then Urvashi will guide him. Pratap says no, he thinks well and decides the right thing.

She says my fear isn’t without a reason. Chirag hugs Arjun and says I know you aren’t able to understand your feelings, once you do, don’t ignore it. Mannu and Rajjo come. Arjun gets sad. Madhu asks Rajjo to go home and stay happy in her life. Rajjo apologizes to her. She says I will pray for you all, especially Arjun. Arjun cries. Mannu also thanks Madhu. She says you all have given her a shelter and also protected her. Madhu asks them to leave soon, its not good to leave after sunset. She gives some money to Rajjo. Rajjo says no, I don’t need money. Madhu says its shagun for your marriage, think its from Arjun’s side. Dada ji blesses Rajjo. She says you saved me, you are my first friend here. He asks her to do a job, even after her marriage, a woman gifts herself by becoming independent. Jhilmil taunts Rajjo. Chirag gives a phone to Rajjo. He says this is needed to connect to family. Kalindi says she shouldn’t call Arjun by this phone. Rajjo says no. Chirag gives it to her and smiles. She says you smile also. Swara gives her bag and says I didn’t use it, keep it, I didn’t get time to go to market. Sia says yes, keep your clothes in this bag, this new hairpin is for you. Rajjo says I would have kept it even if you used it. Kalindi asks will bidaai happen now. Mannu says we are leaving now, Kaka and Vicky are waiting, Madhu is right, we shouldn’t step out at the time of sunset.

Arjun calls Rajjo. Rajjo smiles seeing his incoming call. She asks how did you come here. Mannu makes a line and says you have to stay away from Rajjo.

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