Rajjo 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo and Arjun’s emotional meet

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The Episode starts with Rajjo leaving. Arjun cries. Madhu says I hope you have a safe journey. Arjun runs towards Rajjo. Madhu shuts the door. Madhu looks at Arjun. Arjun gets sad. He sees Rajjo at the window. He says you have come, I thought you will go without meeting me. She asks how can I go without meeting. He scolds her. She says thanks and sorry keep the relations well, I don’t want to break my relation with you, so its imp to say this, sorry and thanks. They cry. She says thanks for making me meet my mum. He says its enough, how much will you say. She says I told what was there in my heart, you are the best.

He says you are stupid, but clean hearted, stay same, don’t become like others. She says you also stay the same, never change, I will go now, mum wasn’t letting me come, I had to make an excuse and come. He asks for my sake. She says for my sake. She makes a smiley and says I m leaving my chunni here, it stinks but its my souvenir, you will never forget me, take care and stay happy. He says your marriage got fixed, is there your consent, tell me. Vicky, Mannu and Kaka are waiting in the car. Vicky has an alcohol bottle in his pocket. Arjun says you aren’t happy. Rajjo says no use, I fought with mum today. He says I know you want to stay here and work. She says I have fought a lot, but this time my stubbornness won’t help, I have to get married, I will do something, mum has agreed to stay in this city, I will not lose courage. He asks her not to go. He says Chirag gave you a phone, do you know using it. She says yes. He says he saved my number in it. She says its enough. He says call me if you need any help. They hug.

They go out. Rajjo leaves. Arjun says take care, because I m not there to take care of you. He recalls Vicky’s words. He says Vicky isn’t like he appears. Arjun comes and lies in Madhu’s lap. She asks why are you restless. He says everything is fine. She says I don’t like you this way, stay happy, you are going to start a new life, we will make a list. He says I will just come. He goes. The rice packet falls down. She worries. Arjun hears about Vicky’s rash driving. Arjun runs. Rajjo asks Vicky to drive well. He says the roads have pits, don’t worry, the car is fine. Mannu says drive slow. He asks them to sing with him. Arjun is on the way. He calls Rajjo and looks for Vicky’s car.

Mannu asks Arjun to never cross the line. She lectures Arjun. She says you both can never stay together, its your fate to get separated from Rajjo.

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