Rajjo 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun rescues Rajjo

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The Episode starts with Madhu and Pratap having a talk. He jokes and thanks her that she won’t talk to him all day. He makes her wear gajras. He says I take back my words, don’t get upset, you have contributed a lot to this family and kept them united. They share a joke and laugh. Arjun calls Rajjo. Rajjo says you were in the city, how did you think of marrying me. Kaka says I thought to make you my bahu, I told that to Mannu. Vicky says I like you. She asks why, didn’t you get anyone pretty in city. He says you are also pretty. Kaka asks why are you talking like this. Vicky says I have to act according to the place where I live. She asks will you let me work after marriage. He says yes, why not, you will do my household work. He laughs. He plays the song. Arjun calls Rajjo. Rajjo says lower the volume, I have to talk. Arjun asks can you hear me. Vicky drives rough.

Mannu falls over Rajjo. They ask Vicky to drive well. Arjun asks can you hear me, what is he doing, are you fine, did you get hurt, why is he keeping loud music, stupid, I know he doesn’t want us to talk. Arjun says I will not leave him. Rajjo waits for his call. Pushkar says you got rid of them finally. Madhu says forget it. She asks him to have some snacks. Pushkar asks Rocky how is his work going on. Rocky says I came to set up my new business. Pushkar says you can tell me if you need help. Kalindi says he would want help. She asks Rocky to ask Pushkar’s help. Pushkar says sure. He asks Kavita to give what he got. He shows the special edition watches for everyone. Jhilmil says you should have got it for Kalindi and me. He says why, they are my second family. Everyone smiles. Madhu asks about the smell. Kavita says it’s the smell of sweets, its from my brother’s place. Madhu taunts her. Kalindi asks Madhu to have it, sweets turns the tongue sweet, have it. Kartik says I want the sweets, I have to talk sweetly in front of the people. Kalindi holds Kavita. Pushkar thinks no one will ask about Mannu and Rajjo here. Rajjo says drive slow from here. Vicky says I m not scared. Rajjo says drive slow, don’t talk nonsense. He angrily races the car. Kaka asks them not to move, if they move, the car will fall down the cliff. They shout for help. Arjun comes there and helps them. He gets then out of the car. He asks are you all fine. Vicky says ask me also. Arjun scolds him.

He says you all would have died if I got late. The car slips down. Arjun holds the car to pull it back. Rajjo also goes to help. Arjun says you move, you will get hurt. Mannu looks on.

Kaka asks Vicky to go. Vicky says they are handling. Mannu keeps a stone under the wheel. Kaka thanks Arjun. Arjun says Rajjo and Mannu saved your car. Rajjo asks how did you know I m here. Arjun gets the alcohol bottle from Vicky’s pocket. He says you broke the law, I will get you arrested for drunk and drive. Vicky says its not wine, its kada, its consumed to clear throat. Rajjo nods. Arjun says don’t go anywhere, I will make you stay at some good place, come with me.

He says I can’t leave Rajjo alone in danger. Mannu recalls and refuses. He says I will drop you. She says you are leaving us. Rajjo asks what are you saying. She draws a line between them. She says this line will always be there between you both, Arjun is a nice man and have great thinking, but the society doesn’t see that, they see the difference between rich and poor.

Arjun says Rajjo and I are just… Mannu explains them. She says I chose this life for Rajjo for her happiness, you saved her and united her with me, its enough, She asks Rajjo to settle down with Vicky.

Arjun says I will think about you and us now. Vicky says you stayed in Arjun’s room, he would have taken some price. Rajjo scolds him.

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